What I'm Wearing Wednesday

I like the idea of doing special weekly posts for specific days of the week, and I have seen some clever ones at various blogs. I already have Friday Faves and Style you Sunday *Comment with an item of clothing so I can style you this coming Sunday!!* Now I am adding What I am Wearing Wednesday.

Disclaimer: I don't normally take pics of myself because frankly, I am not very good at it. I took these photos @ work with the Photo Booth app on my Mac.

So this Wednesday, I am wearing:
  • JBrand jeans- bought reduced at Gilt.com
  • Target white pocket T- $8!!
  • Turquoise ombre scarf- Ann Taylor from years ago when I worked there
  • Tiffany J silver necklace- order your initial here
  • Rampage turq + black gladiator sandals from Piperlime
  • Juicy grey hoody

What are you wearing today? :)

PS: Beanie chic was my most commented post (10).
YAY and thanks!



  1. green JCrew cardigan($8.50 in an outlet!!!)
    zara white sleeveless top
    Gap jeans
    ballet pumps
    green cocktail ring (exact color of the cardi!)
    Tiffany pendant i had for my bday.
    pink pashmina

  2. Ooh, pretty scarf. I am being the laziest person on the planet today; thus, I'm still in pajamas - navy blue L.E.I. tank, green and blue plaid L.E.I. boxers (for girls), and tube socks! :)

  3. cute...casual..i like it, i like it very much.

    thanks for visiting my bloggy. you're so sweet!

  4. YOU look sooo FASHIONABLY CHIC!
    Right now I'm wearing my flannel PJ's because I'm COLD and it's 3:32 am!!!:)


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