Blake's premiere style

Loving these 2 looks!

At The Stepfather premiere

At Where the Wild Things Are premiere

PS: Check out these totally hysterical "man rules" from Carpe Diem blog today.
PPS: Fabulous jewelry giveway here from Notes from the Toothfairy!



  1. thanks Jaime for the mention!!
    do i see that you are at nearly 60 followers???? growing real fast hun!!
    i love Blair because she's stunning but doesn't play it diva!

  2. i love the second one! blake is so gorgeous, i want her hairrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  3. Love her look for Where the Wild Things are. I just adore her in general though :)

  4. I want her hair too... crap! haha! and her style is great, as usual! she's my fav. GG!

    Thank you for entering the giveaway!
    I'll be drawing the first winner this sunday! Fingers crossed!



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