Friday Faves: Halloween edition!

Haute Halloween @ GlamChic
Some chic items to buy in celebration of Halloween.

@ Yellow Brick Blog
Love this blood-sucking ring from Verameat she found.

Witch craft @ From Me to You
Eerie and gorgeous Salem photography from her trip to MA.

Ce voyage sombre @ Pandora
Glamorous goth from Cherry Blossom Girl.

Southern Living Halloween food and drinks @ MadebyGirl
Click image to get more "creepy" recipes like monster eyes and green punch.

Muah ha ha ha Halloween decor @ Everything LEB
Great inspiration for decor and parties this weekend!

Halloween save the dates @ Oh So Beautiful Paper
Love these- esp the purple color!

Hope everyone has a fabulously spooky Halloween! Can't wait to see pics of your costumes. I will have plenty to post after my weekend in NYC. Check out my special Halloween posts here and don't forget Style you Sunday this Sunday!

PS: The Regis & Kelly website has a few hysterical clips from their Halloween show today.



  1. Really inspiring post for halloween lovers, thank-you!Happy Halloween!! Sharon xxooo

  2. Fabulous orange heels!!!
    Happy Halloween to you!!

    xo Laura

  3. so i was a wedding planner in a past life and i always wanted to throw a halloween wedding. But not cheesey, like spooky goth classy. never happened.

  4. Great post! Love the orange platforms and that ring!

    Hope you have a great Halloween!

  5. huh what? what? halloween? huh?

    sorry I was distracted and drooling over the orange heels... :P


  6. I love the vampire ring!! It's very in the spirit of Halloween, but I'd wear it 24/7.

    Have a happy Halloween!!

  7. I love those teeth rings! How spooky, yet fun!

  8. awesome posts for halloween!
    i love the rings. i want it. :)

  9. Great post, thanks for the links.

    I've seen that Cherry Blossem Girl one, it's fabulous.

    Happy Halloween,

  10. Loving GlamChic's Haute Halloween. I desperately need that I Love Candy Corn Body Lotion. Scrummy! Have a fabulous time in NYC, darling! :)

  11. What a great post and how wonderful is that Cherry Blossom Girl!? I love your blog...and now following :)

    Baci from Italy! xx

  12. that fang ring ROCKS! must get on that.

  13. These are great! Hope you had a happy halloween!

  14. Thanks for the link, Halloween is always so much fun!!


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