Halloween 2009 costumes

So here are my costumes this year- I finally decided over the weekend! Every year I like to have 2 costumes, since Halloween is so fun and all. This year, one was chosen for me- Saturday night I am going to my future step-sister-in law's bachelorette party! We are all being Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" back up dancers:

Friday night, my bff from Syracuse and I are being football players:


I will also be in NYC this year... What are you being this Halloween?



  1. So funny ~ my sis just went as a football player to a party on Sat.!!
    Great idea, darling!


  2. GENIUS!!! love the costumes. you're going to look RADIRIFIC! yea, i just made that word up.

  3. We have a costume party on Sat. night and I still have no idea what I'm going to be. I can't wait to see the dude as Winne the Pooh and the hubs as Christopher Robin. Ah ha. LOVE your ideas!

  4. blagh... I planned to be in NYC this year, but we cancelled the trip, because everyone is so busy! boohoo... Enjoy your halloween and time in NYC!

    Have a great week ahead!

  5. Sounds like so much fun!!!! I have no idea what we'll be doing this Halloween.... Ahh!!


  6. LOVE IT!!!!! I'm not dressing up, just watching movies and cooking and DRINKING all night with a friend!

  7. Hi, I love halloween! now following you via rss ;)

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    @ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

  8. Haha, that's such a good idea! I love it. I also love when they mimic that video in Love Actually. Great stuff.

  9. Hey! Nice pictures, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it.

  10. Omgah! I love this idea hahaha. I think I am going to be a coloring book, I am going to wear all white and draw hollow shapes on me then I will let people color me :)

  11. So fun! I love that you guys dress up. S and I are pretty lame when it comes to Halloween (or with a lot actually, LOL).

    You'll have to wait and see what I send you :) LOL, don't get too excited - it's nothing "big" and I may not get to the post office till Thursday it looks like...

    How exciting about the job offer!!! That's wonderful! Keep me posted.

    And sorry hon, "Winners" it's actually part of the TJ Maxx family - Canada's version I guess. I think TJ Maxx prices are wayyyyy better - mind you I haven't been to one in over 5 years. But shoes are like $69.99 and blouses/sweaters are about $35, dresses start at about $50. And tees for under $25. I always find great stuff at Winners - and the best part, whenever I buy pieces from there, I rarely run into anyone with the same thing :) That dress though, I bought it in grey, blue and green...I think I'll be selling the green on my store since the tags are still on it, LOL.

  12. So fun! Can't wait to see you rock the costume!

  13. Sounds like is going to be a lot of fun ;)
    I still does not know about my costume :S
    Time goes fast


  14. Oh both of those look fantastic. We don't really do Halloween over here, so it's so much fun seeing you guys enjoy it so much.

  15. Lol - that's too funny, you'll have to learn all the moves!
    For the record, I also loved the Sarah Palin costume below :)

  16. LOVE the Addicited to love costume idea!! Really great! As for the Pier 1 closing-- I think they are still open-- our store is still running here in Delaware-- I sure hope anyway :-)


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