Scarlett Johansson has been the face of Mango for a few seasons. I love the shots for the fall/winter 2009 line, especially this one.

I went to the website to find that fabulous skirt, but it isn't there yet. Of course, I couldn't help but peruse the entire site for other fun fall pieces...

bow top

dress + belt (love this entire look really)


eye ring

bird earrings

I wish we had a Mango in Boston- do you like this store?

See more of Scarlet's ads featured on FabSugar here. All other photos from



  1. There is no Mango store where I live either (Missouri). Sigh. All their clothes look fabulous and it kills me I can't shop there on a regular basis. Lol.
    I love the items you posted, especially the dress, the cape, and that gorgeous eye ring!

  2. There isn't a Mango near me either...
    I have to say though, Scarlett looks fantastic in the ads.
    I adore that bow top!

  3. I loove this store! The website is completely retarded though.

  4. that skirt is amazing-there is a mango in NYC but I don't stop by often enough xx

  5. Now that I've seen that cape I realize that I desperately need a Mango store somewhere within my vicinity stat! Oh, why are all the good stores located so far away from me? :(

  6. Cute stuff. I love the bird earrings, but that's because I'm biased and have this obsession with everything bird. The cape is really cute, too. Ack....... I want one!

  7. That cape is so cute ;) I want one!!!!


  8. Hello there,

    I very much enjoyed your blog!
    Please come and visit mine too!!

  9. i lurve' MNG, i was in the city this past weekend and got two dresses from there, and i was just browsing the catalogue this morning with my coffee..why wont they open one in Boston?! em'

  10. I'm lucky that we have Mango and also Zara in Manila. We have like around five branches or more of each store. Filipinos are really into fashion.

  11. Oddly enough, the only Mango I was in was in Bulgaria (Europe). I do have a pair of jeans from there that I still LOVE today. Not one near my either

  12. I want that dress. Wow. So beautiful!!!


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