Over the Top! and Spread the Love awards

It's an awarding Monday for me- couldn't think of a better way to start the week! Amanda at Amanda's Sunshine gave me this Over the Top! award- thank you! It's a fun award, as I must answer these questions with just one word(!):

Where's your cell phone: desk

Your hair: semi-straight

Your mother: the best

Your father: smart

Favorite Food: all

Dream last night: none?

Favorite drink: diets

What room are you: office

Hobby: this blog

Fear: heights

Where were you last night: bed

Something that you aren't: athletic

Muffins: low-fat

Wish list item: LV bag

Where did you grow up: outside Boston

What are you wearing: new Uggs

Your pets: 2 dogs

Friends: the best

Something you're not wearing: ring

Favorite store: JCrew

Favorite color: yellow

Last time you laughed: yesterday

Your best friend: many

Place you go to over and over: apt

Person who emails you regularly: mom

Favorite place to eat: mom’s

Also, Ela at Extra Dressing on.the.Side presented me with the Spread the Love award.

As one of my first bloggie friends, I adore Ela's blog and Ela as a person- thank you for this lovely award.

I now tag these bloggers who I've recently discovered with these two awards:



  1. Congrats on your awards! You definitely deserve them! Thank you so much for passing them on to me! That is so sweet of you! :)

  2. yellow is such a great color. congrats on your awards!

  3. Congrats! And you picked some fabulous winners!

  4. Oh my gosh you did so well on the one word answer! Congratulations on these awards.

    Thank you SO much for including DJA in your awards list, I'm really honored!

  5. AW, thanks you are so sweet!! What a fun award- I'll have to put some thought into it and fill out my own :)

  6. Hurray! Congrats on your very well-deserved awards! I love your blog, I hope you get many more!

  7. I love it! I got tagged too and love questionnaires :) Thanks for sharing your answers. Hope you're enjoying your week.

  8. whoop whoop for J.Crew! I love that store. Obsessed I say! Hahaha. Hope you are having a fabulous week!

  9. 'Favorite Food: all' :D
    congrats for all your awards

  10. Oh, I just found you through Dustjacket Attic when she passed along one of these awards to me. I am so happy to have found you, as I live in Massachusetts, too! Well, I usually do. I'm up in Maine for 4 months, but then I'll be back!!! You have a great blog here! xoxo


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