Red, White, and Blue

Who says red, white, and blue is just for July 4th? Fall, fabulous "patriotism"....

Which do you prefer: red, white, or blue?

All photos from People StyleWatch.



  1. I love navy and white together!! very classic!

  2. All of these ladies look gorgeous!
    On me, I prefer blue. However, Megan Fox looks stunning in red!

  3. Wow! Adore the 2nd dress to the bottom its so different!Would love to trade a button with you!Just visit My Passport to Style and grab it and I will do the same! Sharon xxoo

  4. I think I love the red dresses the most... especially the second one! So gorgeous!!

  5. Yum, red...I have such a thing for the color red at the moment, it's not even funny. I'll take Megan Fox's frock, s'il vous plait! :)


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