There's gotta be something more

This Sugarland song rings true right now. I am feeling anxious. I am anxious in my job; anxious about my "relationship". Just feeling off the past few days. Ants in the pants? A desire to do something more? A bit of both? Ya, I think so. I desire for a new job? 100% yes.

I'll admit, I can be a bit of a control freak at times. I am a planner; I organize and try to plan. Right now, things aren't planned and hence aren't in my control. Yesterday I felt ok and inspired. Today, not so much.

I need something to do -

Get a tattoo? Eh, prob not (Kyle don't get any ideas if you're reading this!)... I think I'd regret it.

Escape? My friends and I are going to Providence for the night this weekend. Something fun and exciting, just us girls.

Quit my job and pursue my dream job? I wish. The bills (and my love of shopping) keep me at this job, and I don't even really know what my dream job is.

Sigh, anxiety... But I know, this too shall pass. I have great family and friends around me, and much to look forward to. What that is, is up to fate.

PS: Thanks for "listening" :)



  1. I know what you mean. I think we've all gone through that stage! Except I'm still in it. And I sure don't know what my dream job is either.... Have fun in Providence! You deserve it.

  2. as long as you have supportive family and friends, you can make it through anything. don't worry, we all go through these days :)

  3. Been there.

    Go for the tattoo ;-).

  4. I think there are a lot of us feeling this way right now. I'm so glad you have supportive friends and families.

  5. i had to tune in ... as an avid follower over the past few days i smelled something in the air when u hadn't made a post for a while today, but... i blame it on the rain and the changing leaves and the depressing office you don't want to be in, but thank god for family and friends and fun weekends with the girls :)) and its almost the weekend!!! em'

  6. Omg, i am feeling the same way...I never heard that song before it explains how I feel right now!!!! Thanks...I'm gonna listen to this on repeat...

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  8. Oh hang in there! It will pass for sure. The weather changing can make everyone feel a little uninspired, etc. Drink some chamomile tea and have fun on your get away!

  9. I feel like this all the time, it will get better I promise :)

  10. OMG! I feel the same way! It must be something in the air but as YOU say "THIS TOO SHALL PASS!"

  11. Oh darling. Know that you are not alone in this journey... I am trying to align my offline life with my boring corporate dayjob. One day, what I do for a "hobby," and my passions, will become the basis for a great career. I wish you luck in your search for something else...

  12. this is late but... i think, get the tattoo, but wait until you really feel better (you will. soon.)and it will remind you how strong you are every time you look at it. love you :)


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