Unlikely Hockney

iPhone drawings by David Hockney from here.

I saw this post on The English Muse about David Hockney's obsession with creating art with his iPhone, the Brushes application. How cool is that? Apparently, he creates a bunch then sends 5 or so out to a select group of friends- so cool! It's so interesting to see how technology and art collide in the most unique and unexpected ways.
Thanks to The English Muse for sharing this!

If you're in NYC, check out some of the real deal Hockney's at Pace Wildenstein. It's up when I am in NYC, so maybe I'll try to check it out too.



  1. how cool is that!!!

    i would never have guessed they were made from an iphone. yet another reason why i need that phone.

  2. That's so awesome! These look really good too!

  3. I didn't know you could do that on an Iphone! wth....


  4. wow, I would love to be on that recipient list xx

  5. These images are awesome. Have to try that application. Thanks for sharing Jaime.

  6. Really cool. I can't WAIT to get an ipone to play.

  7. Oh my word! He made these on an i-phone?! Wow isn't it awesome how people are using technology to display amazing talents!

    I cannot believe you went to SU for undergrad!!! I was always SO JEALOUS of the undergrads. They always looked so happy and here I was, a pathetic grad student from Virginia freezing my buns off, putting myself in terribly debt and generally hating life. haha

    Were you in a sorority? I was in Gamma Phi Beta so I was super excited to go to SU for grad school cuz the alpha chapter is there haha

    what a small world!!

  8. Wow! I need to learn how to do this on my iPhone! Thanks for sharing these with us :)

  9. Add this to the list why my blackberry is looking very lame right now...

  10. OMGosh! i'd never have thought these were made on an iphone!love the last one!


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