What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Since it's 40 degrees in Boston- unseasonably cold- I wanted to wear a sweater... specifically a cute fair isle one from JCrew purchased years ago. The look just wasn't coming together though with the top I had underneath, so I scrambled to find something else to wear- making me late, thus getting on a bus that sat in traffic for an hour, thus making me "splurge" on a $4 pumpkin spice latte en route to work to make me smile! I wasn't able to take pics this am due to this lateness, but here's what I am wearing.
  • White thermal long sleeve from the Gap
  • Grey cotton cowl neck top from the Gap over it
  • Anlo jeans- just love these! Seen here too.
  • Sand colored Ugg boots- jeans tucked in. Buy yours here.

What are you wearing today?

PS: I am also "wearing" the effects of these 2 cheesecake pieces I took to-go from The Cheesecake Factory from last night's lovely dinner with a new friend :)



  1. Your outfit sounds adorable - I'm going to New York City for Christmas and am still contemplating whether or not I should pack my UGGS (camel colored ones). Thoughts?

    That cheesecake looks divine. I'm currently wearing gray leggings and a lilac-colored off the shoulder top. :)

  2. Your outfit sounds beautiful. The Gap is such a good place for wardrobe staples.
    Also, your cheesecake looks delicious. Hope the dinner was fun!

  3. I love the cheesecake thingy... you are funny.

  4. Yummy post, darling!
    Your outfit sounds perfect for a brisk fall day!


  5. Don't judge, but I'm totally wearing sweats and a tank top. I don't have class until 6 tonight, so I haven't really "gotten dressed" yet. Yesterday's outfit was pretty cute though: http://sprng.me/1doc

  6. Sounds like a lovely outfit. And that cheesecake looks yummy!

    I'm just wearing a gray H&M sweater, jeans, and flats today. It's 49 degrees here in Maryland. I think it feels nice though. I was actually driving with the window down! Haha!

  7. You owe me a pic, missy! Love the description but this does NOT count, LOL.
    Oh that reminds me, I meant to take a pic of the two of us...brought the camera and everything! Next time :)
    It was lovely, I had a lot of fun! How were the cheesecakes? I wanted to tell S about our dinner but he was on a conference call...till midnight, um yeah, couldn't quite stay up...

  8. It's not cold enough here in Houston for me to rug up just yet, but I am looking forward to when it is!

    And those cheesecakes look sooo good!

  9. I hear ya. Boston is freezing today. Not looking forward to the upcoming winter!!

    Sounds like a good outfit though.

  10. I love The Cheesecake Factory, that cheesecake looks simply delicious! I don't care what anyone says I love my Uggs too.

  11. i love my uggs too but the rainy english weather is so anti-Uggs...they need to make them waterproof!xxx


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