What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Today is a rainy day in Boston, but I refrained from wearing my rain boots since I am going out to dinner tonight here. Here is what I am wearing:
  • Faux fur vest from Burlington Coat Factory- not sure the brand, but it was $20!
  • Anlo jeans
  • Black Old Navy turtleneck- from last year
  • Brown boots from Nordstrom- these are several years old, I think they are their BP brand
  • D&G watch from Neiman Marcus
  • OPI Little Red Wagon- fabulous red from their holiday 2008 collection!

What are you wearing today?



  1. You look lovely! Love the faux fur vest! Such a great bargain for $20!

  2. $20??!! -Faux fur vest from Burlington Coat Factory now that is a good deal!!

    Your boots look very cute too. =)

  3. Such a nice outfit! And I love the red nail polish- I'm wearing OPI's Edinburgundy right now!

  4. Seeing your vest has just convinced me to go to Burlington Coat Factory - I've never stepped foot in there before!

    Ooh, Little Red Wagon - cute name and cute color. I want! :)

  5. Jaime, I'm LOVING that vest! I can't believe it was $20!!!!! So jealous :)


  6. Love your nails and your watch! And that fur vest!!! Eek, what a steal!

    OK must calm down - I sound wayyyy to excited. Must be all the sugar I had for breaky. And yeah, I really love your mani ;)

    Oh...any news???

  7. Love the vest and I love your nail color. Hmmmm... now, I looked at my nails and I noticed I'm in dire need for a manicure.

  8. I can't believe they took it back! 24hrs, c'mon. My first offer at an ad agency was the exact same thing - 24hrs...I told the ad agency ce I was interning at about it - and they counter offered and gave a job on the spot so it worked out.

    Yes, not the one this time...but good things, Jaime :) Good things are coming...

  9. Cute vest! I love that watch too. Very, very cool!

  10. The vest totally reminds me of Rachel Zoe! And in my book that its a good thing!!


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