What I'm Wearing Wednesday...Thursday

A sunny day in Boston=no rain boots! Today I am wearing:

  • J.Crew matchstick jeans- discounted from the outlet!
  • Ralph Lauren Pink Pony sweatshirt- get more Pink Pony here and shop for a good cause.
  • Men's Hanes tank top
  • Tory Burch black patent flats- bought these 2 years ago. One of my best shoe purchases, as I wear them all the time.
  • Diamond studs- college graduation gift

What are you wearing today?

Thanks for all the nice comments yesterday...it's amazing to feel the love from my bloggie friends, even though we've never met! I feel better today, and I know I'll feel even better tomorrow.

Photos by my roomie :)



  1. I have always loved the huge polo player tee!

    And those jeans are fantastic on you, darling!

    I am wearing PRVCY Premium skinnies!


  2. I. Want. Those. Shoes. Love the shiny patent leather; and they're Tory Burch!

    I am wearing a sequin mini skirt and black tights! :)

  3. you look adorable - xo

  4. I love your TB flats. I've been wanting to buy that pink pony shirt when I saw it at Bloomingdales.

  5. Such a fresh look! Love the flats. It's frustratingly hard to find a good-looking pair of black flats but these are super lovely!

  6. Love the off the shoulder look of that sweatshirt. I don't even mind the giant pink pony ;)

  7. love the outfit!! the flats are cute, cute,cute!!
    and i wish i could wear these kind of jeans but really... skinny jeans+..."mediterraneen shape"(nice way to say bloody large hips and round bum!)= disaster!!


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