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I always find inspiration for blog posts, so typically I post 3x per day. This week, I am on deadline at work, so I won't be posting much the next day or so [I know, it will be rough on me too...:) ]. I thought it would be a perfect time to open the floor, so to speak, and let you ask me questions you want to know about me! I will answer them and post in a couple days.

Ask away! Comment here or email me:

Original image via We Heart It. Profanity edited by me :)



  1. yeah me me me! ok...
    question(s): What is your favourite place in the world? Are there any other places on your travel list?

  2. mine's not really a question you can answer with words but can you please post more pics or yourself? i feel like i have no idea what you look like. lol

  3. Ooo, merci.

    Je t'aime ton blog aussi! :)

    The only thing I have to ask is that I’d love for you to come by and check out my blog!

    Pretty please?

  4. that's funny. glad you edited...I would have been shocked:)

  5. Nice edit!! I love your new layout!!!!!

  6. Oh, that wasn't a, hmmmm, if you could wear one designer from head to toe, totally paid for by a benefactor, who would it be?

  7. I adore your blog! The layout is absolutely gorgeous. My question is: who is your favorite designer(s) and why?

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  8. Fantastic awesome blogness! So excited I came across yours! Will definitely become a frequent reader!

    Ok: here's a question that will really help me out. I've got a list of goals I want to achieve before I'm thirty, and I've posted the list on my blog. One of my goals: to have a well followed blog. My question: what defines a "well followed blog?" Is it number of comments, followers, hits? I'm not sure, but would love your input!

  9. Great idea! Hmmm my question is what is your ideal era for fashions? (i/e 1950's, 60's, etc)

  10. ooh what a great idea for a post. hmm, let's see...oh! if u were to win a $1000 shopping spree to any store of ur choice, which one would it be? and why?:)

  11. I’m new here to your blog and wanted to “pop” in to say hi! : )
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  12. i hope that work isnt too crazy! i know what deadlines are all about!! xoxo

  13. Great idea! What is your favorite vacation destination?

    P.S. I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries too!

  14. Goodluck this week, I haven't any question for you actually! ;)

  15. What do you REALLY want to do in life?

    What's one goal you've set for yourself and have met or working towards meeting?

    What do you want for christmas?


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