Day 1, My Stocking: Erika @ Café Fashionista

Welcome to a special guest post holiday series on La vie...J'aime, My Stocking! For the next 25 days, 25 days of La vie...J'aime if you will, 25 fabulous bloggers will share some of their favorite items they'd like to have in their stocking. The catch? Each item must fit in a stocking. Without further ado, here is day 1 of My Stocking!

My Stocking: The Cat’s Meow
By: Erika @ Café Fashionista

Stockings were a big deal in my family growing up. Each year, we would make our way to a shop in the hopes of finding a new stocking to hang above our faux fireplace. We’re talking about Southern California here, so please cast aside your musings of romantic evenings spent by the fireside with a cute boy – such scenarios never had the chance to materialize in my abode, for yes, the fireplace was…fake.

But I digress; fake or not, the fireplace was always embellished with the most charming stockings anyone could hope to find. Ambrosial knits crafted by the hands of friends; velvet pieces adorned with scenes of Santa Claus or soon to melt away Snowmen frolicking in the chilly frost; even a trio of glistening gold pieces for the year my mother wanted to decorate the house in a more rustic, antique fashion than was normal.

This year, however, I have forgone the classic, sophisticated offerings that have made their way in and out of my life over the years; replacing them with something quite a bit more juvenile, yet every bit as meaningful…Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty will not be hanging over my fireplace this year due to the fact that it is her 35th Anniversary; nor because she is simply cute to look at (though I will admit she is quite bewitching). Rather, her presence there upon the fireside is compliments of the fact that I think of her as the essence of girlhood and femininity.

For many of us, she was there when we were children in the form of stuffed toys and school supplies; yet stuck by us as we crossed over from tiny tots to young adults in the form of her appearance in a line of MAC Cosmetics devoted solely to her. Magically she has managed to appear in every milestone of many of our lives; thus I see no better tribute to her than a Christmas stocking in her honor. And I imagine that, since I think so highly of her persona, she’ll be willing to repay the favor by ensuring that my stocking is loaded with goodies; for there are five ultra-special items I’m coveting this year.

1) Tiffany Keys Quatrefoil Key Pendant – Aside from being elegant; I have always found keys, especially those of the skeleton variety to be mysterious, and secretive. Something with the power to unlock a world of intrigue, with a classically cryptic cosmopolitanism to them. I attribute this train of thought to the wise words of Coco Chanel…“One shouldn’t speak of oneself, or almost never. People should guess you.” And guess me they shall, as I don a true Tiffany Key. But not any Tiffany Key will do. The opener with the ability to unlock my heart is the Quatrefoil Key Pendant. Between the 18K gold and diamond embellishments, if money were not an object, I confess, I imagine nothing would satisfy me more.

2) Dell Mini 10 Netbook – I am a blogger; therefore it is essential that I am never away from a computer for too many hours at a time. In fact, to be honest, even if I wasn’t a blogger, I would still find myself going through withdrawals if forced to suffer through any long period wherein I was unable to check my e-mail. Being that I typically work on a PC, I don’t necessarily need a cumbersome laptop, but a Dell Mini 10 Netbook in Pink would surely make me smile – especially given the fact that it’s a mere 2.5 pounds; making it ultra portable. I may be tempted to stick it right in my handbag; after all, there’s a very big possibility that it actually weighs less than the jumble of lip gloss I currently have taking up space in there!

3) A Donation In My Name to Pets With Disabilities – As the proud parent of three handicapped cats (Snowflake is deaf, Sloopy is blind, and Morgan has only one eye) – all of which were adopted from shelters – I am quite aware of the struggles these amazing animals face on a daily basis; in addition to the harsh judgments made towards them. Pets With Disabilities is one of my favorite charitable organizations for not only do they provide a voice for disabled pets; they also work to bring awareness to communities, and place handicapped animals of the feline and canine variety into caring, loving homes. I would adore if a donation in my name were to be made to Pets With Disabilities. To find a tiny card in my stocking stating that even $25.00 had found its way to this wonderful organization would truly make my Christmas one of the best ever!

4) Jessica Simpson Fancy Love Eau de Parfum – Darlings, I see absolutely no reason to reinvent myself each year; I’m quite happy with who I currently am, thank you very much. That said; I do adore trying a new fragrance beginning every January 1. It was Coco Chanel who stated “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” I couldn’t agree more; thus, even if I find that the year’s chosen scent is not what I was looking for, the chance to discover something new in terms of aromas is always a tantalizing treat – especially for the senses. Therefore, I request a new one every Christmas. This year I am all about finding un petit bottle of Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love nestled in the toe of my stocking. Typically I think of myself as a vanilla girl; but given the fact that Cosmopolitan compared the aura to a good-night kiss, and Jessica Simpson herself proclaimed that “Fancy Love is fresh and pure, like a timeless piece of white lace – it’s always pretty and innocent…” I have a very strong feeling that it is destined to become my new sweet-smelling suitor.

5) Greg Behrendt – Quiet your gasps please; I am not asking to find Greg Behrendt in my stocking. Even I, a person with an imagination as large as my beloved Alice in Wonderland, know that it would be downright impossible for a human being to fit within a Christmas stocking; otherwise I would have simply requested a cute boy for the holidays. Non, what I want is two books by Greg Behrendt – two books that work as one, thus the reason why I am counting them as a singular present – and those books are He’s Just Not That Into You and It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken. To be truthful here, I really have no reason to read either of these books at this point and time in my life; but they sound entertaining, and due to the fact that they were based on an episode of Sex and the City I think that delving into both of them would surely be the ideal way to tap into my inner Carrie Bradshaw.

Can you hear me, Santa? It’s me; Café Fashionista. I have been so good this year; so please, oh please, fill my stocking with these goodies!

Fashionably yours!

Thanks Erika- fabulous choices and thanks for being day 1! Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 2 of My Stocking!



  1. Fabulous post! I adore the Hello Kitty stocking! That is too cute!
    Hopefully Erika gets everything she wanted in her stocking this year! :)

  2. v cute-I like this one-who knew stocking picks could say so much about you! xo

  3. This is such a cute concept! The Dell Netbook is adorable. I recently purchased the Samsung version of the Netbook - best purchase ever :)

    Stop by my blog today if you have a sec - I am looking for opinions re: my home renovation:


  4. It's Erika's stockings. Where did she get that cute Hello Kitty stockings? And what fabulous words, makes my stocking entry so so. I hate you Erika. Hahaha! Nah, I love this girl so much. Hope she gets her Christmas wishes.

    Hi Jaime! This is such a fabulous idea.

  5. Ohmigosh I love the way this looks Jaime! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your holiday stocking series!

    And Leah...the stocking is from Target! :)

  6. Fantastic guest post! I am so excited for this series, darling!!


  7. Fabulous, Jaime! Look forward to seeing them all :) Such a great way to learn about your other bloggie friends too!

    And I must catch that last book!

  8. Fantastic picks. I love this series!!! And the Hello Kitty stocking is amazing. I could probably write a whole book on my love of this mouthless cat. :)

  9. Great series idea! I'll admit I've read both of those Greg Behrendt books plus his 3rd book: Be Honest, You're Not That Into Him Either. All 3 are true & amazing!

  10. awww, I love the Pets with Disabilities posts. I have always wanted a 3-legged dog, that picture made my heart swell.

  11. I need that notebook. Sooooooooo cute! And I knew Miss Erika had a kind heart. Love the donation idea!

  12. Fabulous post, Jaime and Erika! I'm loving that gorgeous Tiffany key necklace. But I have a feeling I won't be finding that in my stocking. Hahaha. But I am keeping my eye on that little pink netbook b/c that would be PERFECT for me since my laptop is broken. Oh gosh and I hope I never need that break up book, but I will keep it mind in case a friend does, or heaven forbid, I do at some point. Sigh. :P

  13. Great post! I love the Hello Kitty stocking: very cute. And *sigh*: I have a Tiffany's key pendant on my wishlist as well.

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