Friday Faves

Happy Veteran's Day @ From Me to You
A tasty way to honor our vets and current soldiers protecting our country.

Quirky mix + treasures @ Mi Vida Bonita
How amazing is this tree?

Alice in Wonderland @ The Stylish Wanderer
Love this playful fashion shoot.

Hat head @ Extra Dressing on.the.Side
I just love this look! And she got that hat in Boston. :) And she mentions Blossom in her post, haha.

Fistfull of love @ Carpe Diem
Umm this needs no explanation, I think. I want.

Montage: oversized art @ style carrot
Love the collection of rooms and art.

Paper birds @ Bright, Bold, and Beautiful
Aren't these so unique and lovely? By Cotton Bird Designs.

A new look for old classics @ Little Bits and Blogs
I want to add these clothbound editions of the classics to my book shelf. Buy them here.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! A few other things to note:
  • Check out my guest post this week at FerOHHHsh.
  • Today is Friday the 13th and when I logged onto Twitter this morning I had 666 tweets! I freaked out and tweeted immediately, so I am past the dreaded number now... phew!
  • Thanks for your input yesterday for my Rent the Runway options! Sadly choice A wasn't available for either occasion (sad face), but I did rent choice B for occasion 1 and choice C for occasion 2! Can't wait to get them in December.
  • Last night I watched Khloe Kardash's wedding special on E. I actually think she and Lamar are cute....? My friend says I think this just because I am still fragile and bitter about
  • Last, but not least, check my blog tomorrow for a giveaway!



  1. aw yay! you mentioned two of my favorites, ela and mag. LOVE IT!

  2. Hi there, adore the tree, thanks for sharing! Sharon xxx

  3. Love it!! And the picture of the 2 puppies is just too cute :)

  4. I hearrrrt the tree, and the swing chair!


  5. That tree is just begging me to climb it!

  6. I love Carpe Diem and Extra Dressing on the Side... and sad that you didn't get choice A. Happy weekend Jaime.

  7. Thanks for the eye candy! The tree caught my eye the most, too amazing. Then of course the dress with the bold swirlies around it. And no worries... I like Khloe too and she always seems so confident with a good head on her shoulders that I'd like to think she made a good choice (even though they dated a month!). We can pretend that our fave reality people make great decisions, can't we? :)

  8. I loved the Stylish Wanderer's cute shoot, as well! And Ela's great :)

  9. so much eye candy in one post! i love the little puppy pics the best.

  10. Oh I love the little paper bird! Cute post x Sushi

  11. Thanks for the mention! :) I too LOVE that tree. Umm LOVED the wedding Kardashians, I think they are CUTE too. What a glamorous wedding they pulled together so swiftly, right?

  12. i love pies, esp. banana cream pie and that little bird is adorable and unique. have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  13. Mmmm, I need those fabulous looking books!

  14. I love that tree and those wittle puppies (yes, their faces made me revert to baby talk). Off to check out your guest post right now! :)


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