Juicy looks

I used to work at Juicy Couture before my full-time job kicked in. It was a year of spending my hard earned money with a fabulous discount- I miss it every day, lol.

And especially today, for I got an email from Shop Bop to check out their new Juicy items.... juicy indeed. The ones that caught my eye?

BFF watch

Denim leggings

Velour dolman pullover

Sequin drama bib necklace

Lace print tank dress

Leather hoodie w/ fleece panels

Perri wedge platform booties

Sigh....perhaps it's time to see if they are hiring for holiday? ;)

All photos via Shop Bop.

PS: The new La vie...J'aime is in progress! I think it should debut by the end of the week!



  1. I can see why you want the staff discount back! Lol. A job with benefits like that is just what I'm looking for!

  2. Wow, I am so in love with every items you posted.

  3. that leather hoodie is the BOMB! and so me!

  4. I love, love the necklace!! So pretty! xxooxox

  5. Hi there again, great bootie and I adore your new header! Sharon xxooo

  6. I'm so glad juicy isn't just terry cloth track suits anymore.. the have some AMAZING stuff.. like that gold watch.. I'm drooling haha.

  7. Gotta say, that watch, the jacket, and the boots are VERY juicy. Especially the watch....


  8. Hahaha I so glad to hear they moved away from those jump suits! I love the pullover! Thanks for posting these!

  9. Did someone say sequins??? I'm in. :)

    Seriously though-- I know these bib necklaces are all over the place, but I still love them.

  10. Jaime! The new layout is incredible!!! I love it!

  11. i do need the sequined bib necklace in my life...

    bisous, xx

  12. LOVE the leather hoodie!!!

    When you work at a cool store like that its so annoying AND fun because you spend all your check on clothes ha.

  13. I love that watch and dress! Also, I promise I will be shipping your tank soon, I just started a new job and I'm so swamped! But you will be getting your top soon, and I'll email when I post it!


  14. Arrrg I so want those booties, love them! Oh and the watch too.

    Great pieces there,

  15. 1) Your new layout is beyond fabulous. Amazing work, Jaime!

    2) I need the Velour Dolman Pullover, Lace Print Tank Dress, and Leather Hoodie with Fleece Panels. Heaven! :)

  16. I am in love with that bib necklace and the booties! Great picks!

  17. Awesome picks!
    LOVE that bib necklacethe most though!
    Great post!
    Love your blog especially the layout!

  18. Love the sequin necklace and the dress! Hope you have a lovely weekend!:)


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