Mustard yellow & chartreuse

I've said this before on my blog, I love yellow- this sunny, happy color is my favorite. Last night at the mall with my roomie, we popped into The Gap. I saw a cute pair of yellow, well "dijon"-colored cords:

A cousin of yellow, dijon, and also chartreuse, are tough colors for my pale complexion. If I could wear this color, here's what I'd buy:

If I wear this color at all, it will be on my lower half (i.e. The Gap cords and Tory Burch flats).

Is there one color you simply cannot wear? and why?

PS: Thanks to L's List for the Kreativ Blogger award! :)



  1. I love these yellows!!!
    So happy :)

    xo Laura

  2. i wear just about any color in the rainbow!
    i am loving the yellow cords!!!

  3. that ruffle coat is so cute! great choices.

  4. I love yellow and those pants are perfect!! Wonderful post.

  5. those earrings are really fun-I'd love them with a white dress xo

  6. Love that yellow cords... something to wear and cheer you up if you're feeling drab because of the weather.

  7. one of my fav dress is yellow. it is sunny and bright. makes me happy!

  8. I like yellow but i could neverrrrr wear those pants!!!

  9. I adore chartreuse. That bracelet is delicious!


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