A piece of me in...November 2009

The Toothfairy at Notes from the Toothfairy started this really fun blog game called A piece of me in... Every month on the first Sunday, you share piece(s) of you that fit with her starter phrases- I love this idea! Read more about it here and sign up your blog so everyone can see your "pieces."

Here it goes for November, 1 day late!

I like: that Thanksgiving is just 24 days away.

I don't like: that the year is flying by just too quickly!

I want you to know: I hate when the days get darker earlier :(

I've planned: my vaca days around the holidays to spend time with family.

I want to say to someone special: not sure who you are yet, but I know you're out there.



  1. i also don't like that the year is ending so soon. Time, please please slow down

  2. What a great idea!! I like that Thanksgiving is so close too. And how nice that you planned so that you could spend the most time with your family! Have a great day!!

  3. the dark days suck a big fatty :(

  4. Jaime! thanks for joining the game babe!

    I don't like time flying by too... what happened to this year?! I don't even remember... :S
    Glad you're going to spent time with your family during the holidays! It's so important to be around them, and I hope you enjoy your time!


  5. Hi Jaime! My email: leahtaas@yahoo.com

    I wish we have Thanksgiving in Manila. And yes, I also hate it that the year is passing by just too fast.

  6. aww cute :) It's nice to have some days off right by the holidays.
    i planned some days off too.. can't wait!!

  7. This was a great post! Loved these little tid bits! :)


  8. GREAT idea. I am totally gonna do if for December!

  9. Aww super sweet...especially the last one :)

  10. Ohhh I hate that the days are getting darker early! UGH!!!!

  11. I love this idea!

    I cannot believe it is Nov already either - WOW!

  12. i cant believe it's almost 2010!! sheesh! where has this year gone. well here's to you finding that someone special, beautiful:)

  13. Ooh, not only do I love this idea; but I absolutely adore your answers.

    I too have planned my vacation days around the holidays so that I can be with family - but not very close family (my Aunt and Uncle as opposed to my Mom). I'm questioning my decision now, though - I feel homesick already! :)

  14. I love this little game she started. I guess it's not only me, September and October went by waaaay too quickly! Although, I am kind of excited about ending this year and starting a new one already.

  15. Good to hear there is someone special again in your life! =]


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