Rent the Runway

In just 24 hours, I am obsessed with this new site: Rent the Runway. The idea is GENIUS! A classic why didn't I think of that? moment, if you will.

Anyhoo, I have 2 occasions this winter to buy a dress or wear a dress already in my closet (but that's no fun!). Several dresses at RTR have caught my eye- I would love your opinion! Since these occasions are around the holidays, I figure I should prob reserve soon.

Occasion 1: New Year's Eve- NYE party with friends AND cocktail party for my step bro and his fiancee at a hotel in Boston
Occasion 2: Friend's annual holiday party- we like to get dressed up :)

Dress A

Dress B

Dress C

Dress D

All photos from Rent the Runway.

What are your thoughts? What occasion (1 or 2) and what dress (A, B, C, or D)? Thanks for your help!

PS: If you want an invite to RTR- comment here with your email address and I will send along!



  1. I think for occassion 1 you should do dress B and for occassion 2 you should do dress C! Good luck with your dress choices! :D

  2. Loving dress A! And think it'd work for either occasion.

    Phew, I can finally comment! It wouldn't let me before...silly Blogger.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog- yours is lovely! I love the second dress! SO cute! XOXO

  4. I love dress A and I think it would be great for your NYE party. I also think Dress B would be good for your friends' party. I like Dress D but it seems more for a spring event. Best of luck, cute picks!

  5. I say party 1, dress A. love and love.

  6. I like A and B, and I think you can wear them to both occasions, love B best though! really love...


  7. ooh fab choices. for occasion 1, i say go with the first dress FOR SURE. for occassion 2, it's a toss up between B and C.

  8. Occasion 1 dress C, with hot pink heels! hot hot hot!

  9. A is so hot! I am way to clumsy for this however. I would totally spill wine or something on whatever I rented. ah ha

  10. I love Dress A so much. I'd say wear that for occasion 1. Dress C is hot... wear that for occasion 2 and wear a fabulous shoes to match.

  11. I Loooove dress C!!! For occasion 2 and Dress A for the first one! So cute, I love all your picks though... be sure to post photos!

  12. wow, what an awesome concept! kinda like rent a bag:) how about dress A for occasion 1 and dress C for occasion 2 with some amazing shoes of course:)

  13. Definately dress A for NYE. It's perfect. And C for your friends party. Make sure you get some amazing shoes and accessories for that one!


  14. The middle dress, is a stunner!! Sharon xxxoo


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