Style you Sunday: denim shirt II

I loved this first denim shirt Style you Sunday, based on a Hilary Duff look. My friend Jen had asked for some tips on styling a denim shirt, so I thought I'd do another more casual, day look. I am not a fan on jean on jean, no matter what the shades. So, I stuck with some cute cords, a jacket, and gold hinted accessories.

Comment here with an item for me to style of you on next week's Style you Sunday!

Tomorrow starts a special 25 day holiday guest post series- stay tuned!



  1. yayy! love this. i need to get one!

  2. Love the look... I'm not a fan of denim on denim look too.

  3. really really cute look!

  4. cute! though light denim washes out my face! But I love what you put it with!

  5. Cute, what a fun post! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)


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