What I'm Wearing Wednesday

It's another nice day in Boston- warm, 50s-60s! I decided to wear a skirt and tights since this "warm" weather isn't going to last long. I am wearing:

  • Black v-neck sweater from Loft
  • Skirt from Loft- got both these items when I was working at Ann Taylor
  • Striped footless tights from Urban Outfitters- bought these 2 years ago
  • Black boots from DSW- last seen here.
  • Pin- taken off a tank from, I think, high school! No longer have tank.

What are you wearing today?
PS: Thanks for all your 1/2 birthday wishes and questions, as well! I will post my answers tomorrow as the deadline at work ends today! woo to the hoo



  1. Love the combination of different kinds of stripes in your outfit... looks really fun.

  2. yay :) thanks for switching buttons!!
    and cute outfit!
    and my outfit today is very much not so cute!

  3. I am wearing a stupid outfit. HAve you ever bought something new and made a whole outfit around it just so you could wear that one tiny thing? that's me today.

  4. you look adorable! love the tights. and yay for posting pics of yourself. you answered my question!

  5. How darling do you look? I love it. PS I love boys with Boston accents, you are so lucky to live by them!


  6. Great outfit, I really like the boots and the skirt!

  7. cute skirt and the tights are great!!! Following now.

  8. looove that you celebrate your 1/2 birthday:)

  9. You look great Jaime! I love the skirt and the striped socks!


  10. I am loving the skirt and the tights! You look fabulous!


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