What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Sunny but cold day in Boston- I wore my winter coat for the first time! I am wearing:
  • Blue dress from Uniqlo- I make sure to hit up this store every time I am in NYC.
  • Black leggings from Target.
  • Black suede DSW boots- yes, I legit wear these every day (or at least it seems every Wednesday!).
  • Headband from Urban Outfitters- bought this a few years ago.

What are you wearing today?



  1. You look fab! I adore the headband!

    It's 46 in MD at the moment, but I haven't had to break out the winter coats yet. I'm kind of dreading the time when it gets that cold. Although, I'm sure it will be here soon enough!

  2. I heart your blue dress. Paired with the headband the entire look screams Blair Waldorf. J'adore!

    I am currently wearing a red v-neck sweater with black sweater leggings, black faux leather over the knee boots, and a black faux leather jacket. Basically, a lot of knits and faux leather! :)

  3. Adorable, Jaime! And I love that touch of plaid.
    Heehee there's me in the back (your lamp :)).

  4. Cuuuuuuuuute boots! And I love the headband. I am currently wearing Gap pajama pants and a tank that says "Due in July" from when I was preggers. Sexy huh?

  5. Gorgeous, darling!
    Love your headband!


  6. Pretty colors-- I love Uniqlo. One of my favorite "fast fashion" stores. Especially for basics.

  7. love the headband!
    plaid is <3333

  8. WOW! I luv your entire outfit, it's solely CHIC! The headband is FAB!
    What am I wearing? Something BORING not worth mentioning, it's one of those days for me!:))


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