White House's arts committee

I thought this was interesting to learn: President Obama appointed "private citizens" to the President's Committee of Arts and Humanities. His appointees include Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Edward Norton, Yo-Yo Ma, and Teresa Heinz-Kerry, to name a few of the 24 total. Also not surprisingly Michelle Obama is honorary chair. The mission on the website is pretty obvious- in short, the promotion and education of the arts and humanities through several foundations.

I am not sure who the 19 members are...who do you think should be on this committee?



  1. interesintg, didnt know this.....hm....i need to think about that one. ME.

  2. How fabulous that such a committee exisits ~ love Obama's choices... maybe he should throw an architect or artist in there too...


  3. I love this too-the economy might be tanking but I love our pres.
    I work in fashion pr for handbags, shoes and belts so I'm waiting for the mag editors to show up-it makes for a long day!

  4. I love that Edward Norton made the cut, he's brilliant.


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