Blog, and you shall receive

Santa was sooo good to about you? This Christmas, I learned that Santa reads my blog... so I say, blog, and you shall receive!

Linds @ Everything LEB raved about this cocoa butter vitamin E stick in her My Stocking post... and look what was in my stocking!

I featured these in a Z Gallerie gift post... and look what my brother gave me!

In my holiday wish list guest post at FerOHHHsh, I expressed my love for a pair of Frye's... and look what my Dad and step-mom got me!

Thank you t0 Santa and my family! :) Is there anything that you blogged about that Santa got you this year?



  1. Amazing! So glad everyone was paying attention. ;o)
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Love me some frye boots. Never thought to ask santa for them. Yay to being spoiled this christmas :)

  3. fantastic ear buds. they're instant bling and sound good too :o)

  4. Thats so cute that they all read your blog and listened to what you wanted :)

    How do you like the coco butter chapstick so far??

  5. My parents and my guy's parents and grandma totally bought items from my Wishlist! I had a great xmas!

  6. Santa has gotten so techy! :) I love the boots!



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