Day 10, My Stocking: Shirley @ Notes from the Toothfairy

Today's My Stocking is from the blog world's favorite Toothfairy :)

My Stocking

I'm very glad that dear Jaime has asked me to participate in her little project, it's such a wonderful idea! Christmas is my favourite holiday. I'm not a kid anymore (though I sometimes wish I was), I still love the heart warming feeling around this time of the year, with all the beautiful decorations and lights. Hope it will snow again this year!

What do I want in my stocking? Tough question. I don't do well at thinking what "presents" I want, but when Jaime asked me to do this, these were the things that came up in my mind.

1) The key to my house
Boyfriend and I have been house hunting
For a year already
I hope the end is near.

2) The key to my car
I'm still hestitating
Between Audi A4 and Mini Cooper.

3) The key to humility
Dentists are infamous for being snobs
I don't want to get infected
Slap me when it happens.

4) The key to perverance and time
To keep my love and life going
Although tears run dry at times
To keep my blog going
Although I'm uninspired at times
To keep my dreams going
Although I forget them at times.

5) The key to anything Chanel
Thought I could at this
As all the keys are small enough
To fit in one stocking

Happy Holidays!
All photos via We Heart It.

Thanks to the Toothfairy- I think we'd all like the key to anything Chanel as well! Tomorrow is Day 11.



  1. lovely photos! ;)))

  2. Okay, this is like the most creative and clever post ever! I love the idea of receiving a key to so many magical things! Amazing, amazing piece Shirley (j'adore her blog by the way!); and such stunning photographs!

    I love this idea more and more with each passing day, Jaime! :)

  3. Gorgeous guest post!
    Btw, gave you a shout-out in my post today!


  4. I love my lil Toothfairy!
    I hope she gets all she wishes for!
    But um, I could never slap her. And I highly doubt she'd ever need one anyway ;)

  5. What a fabulous idea... why didn't I think of those keys... you are brilliant Toothfairy.

  6. Oh how i love all things with old keys I think it is so timeless.

  7. I agree with Ela, I hope the TF gets the keys to her dreams. =)

    PS - I'm glad to see the TF knows what a skeleton key is.

    PSS - Why is my word verification "confes"? LOL!

  8. i'll take the last key! :)

    very cute list.

  9. too bad there isn't a "key fairy" i'm sure she'd let you have all of those keys! wishin you luck with the house hunting and go with the audi - you'll get used to it!

  10. I love this list! The Key theme was awesome!! =D

  11. awww cute post! i hope you get your keys shirley

  12. hey everyone, I'm glad you liked it!
    Thanks to Jaime asking me in!!!!


  13. nice wishes ; ) can't wait to share your joy when you finally pick your car and home!!

  14. What pretty things you picked out! I wouldn't even think to pick these but oh how I adore them!

  15. such a unique and creative idea! leave it to shirley to wow all of us :)



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