Day 11, My Stocking: Mayra @ life is BANANAS

Today's My Stocking is BANANAS :)

My Stocking
By: Mayra @ life is BANANAS

1) Brooklyn Bridge double finger ring- I am currently obsessed with hand and wrist jewelry, ie: rings, bling, bangles and bracelets. This double finger ring is both badass and edgy, just how Ilike it.

2) Jonathan Adler banana ornament- obviously I love bananas, and this ornament has me all over it.

3) leopard fringe scarf- I love scarves! This leopard print needs to meet my closet.

4) Jane Bolinger stud rond clutch- a classy clutch with a twist in the form of studs...yes please! Being that it costs over $1000, this is my if-money-weren't-an-object pick.

5) owl door knocker- I have been looking for a cute door knocker to add to my front door. This owl door knocker is perfect and on sale!

Thank you Mayra- what a wide range of choices! Stay tuned for Day 12 tomorrow.



  1. I love Mayra's choices!! This is such a fun series you have put together ~~~

    xoxo Laura

  2. in "wide range", do you mean random? haha. why yes i am.

    thanks for including me in your series. xoxo.

  3. Brooklyn Bridge ring is gloriousss!

  4. I am loving your stockings series!
    & that banana ornament is so cute.

  5. Bananas, I was hoping that you'll post a banana door knocker... that will be so unique. Hahaha! I love that ring.

  6. Ohmigosh why, why, why does that Brooklyn Bridge Double-Finger Ring have to be $250?! I was seriously going to buy it! :(

  7. Ohh I'd love a double finger ring as well! How cute is your stocking with your picture on it! :)

  8. WOW! I luv, luv, LUV the double ring it's sooo GLAM FABULOUS!:))

  9. great things! I love the owl and the scarf!

  10. that ring is insane...must have! I'm a leopard junky myself. it's my little trashy side i guess!

  11. OOOO LOVING that ring and the leopard scarf. LOVE it!!!

  12. Ahhhhhhh, my banana. How fab is her taste? I'm dying over that ornament!

  13. LOL, I love my nana's comment. It's the only one I read. hahahaha.

    I love that ring! I'd stare at it all day and pretty much do nothing else. Santa needs to get on that ASAP! My banana muffin deserves all that and more!!!

  14. Featuring Bananas ~ always a good choice!


  15. That Brooklyn Bridge ring is bad-ass just like Mayra herself. What a fun feature!

  16. that is SUCH a cute ring! Great choices Mayra!! ;)

  17. HaHa, what a super cute banana ornament. And I adore that ring as well. Oh won't Santa be so kind.


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