Day 12, My Stocking: The Bon Bon Rose Girls

Day 12 features My Stocking by the duo of BonBon Rose...

My Stocking
By: Kristin & Megan @ BonBon Rose

We chose the Pottery Barn Jewel Quilted Velvet Stocking. We're suckers for anything that involves monogramming and a touch of glitz!

1) It's A Very Sunny Christmas DVD- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is pretty much one of the, if not THE, funniest shows on television. Add in our favorite holiday to the hilarity and we're happy campers!

2) Sex and the City Eiffel Tower Ornament- We would love to receive this as a remembrance of our favorite show that we whiled away many an hour watching together!

3) A Net-A-Porter gift card- So we could get ourselves a pair of our beloved Loubs.

4) Sunnies- We're hoping that our future's so bright that we gotta where...well you know. Wayfarers for Kristin and Chanel for Meg!

5) Finally, we would like everyone to show each other some more kindness this holiday season. Good will toward men seems to be suffering in this craptastic economy. How fabulous would it be if we were all just a bit sweeter to each other? Something as simple as a smile can go a long way! It may be cheesy but it's true. Happy holidays lovelies!

Fabulous selection, thanks ladies! I may need to add that ornament to my list :) Tomorrow is Day 13.



  1. Fabulous stocking picks, ladies! Love those Louboutins!

  2. I love these ladies. There blog is so much fun! Great picks...

  3. I swear we know that it's we gotta WEAR shades...not where. Ah ha ha. Thanks for having us. Putting this together was a blast!

  4. I love the gift card and the sunnies...of course the smile is the most important content of this stocking.

  5. They're fabulous! I hope Santa's good to them this year and that their stockings overflow!

    Have a great weekend, Jaime!

  6. The BonBon Rose Girls - love them!!! I need the Sex and the City Ornament! And those stockings - tres cute! :)

  7. I love the stockings and the SATH ornament! I'm just getting into the series thanks to my good friend, who has the entire series on DVD. I love it!

  8. WOW! I luv the stockings and the ornament they're solely FABULOUSLY FABULOUS but the LOUBOUTINS are to DIE FOR!:))

  9. those bonbon girls are too stinkin cute! spesh that kristin. LOVE!

    you know what else i love...their stocking picks. mind if i steal them ALL! oh and yea already got my always sunny xmas special. woop woop!


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