Day 14, My Stocking: Leah @ Leah in Focus

Day 14 of My Stocking series...

My Stocking
By: Leah @ Leah in Focus

I'm an earth lover, and I abhor plastics. This stocking bag can be re-used for my grocery shopping.

Here are the items I wish or I want in my stockings: Lots of Barney's New York $1000 Gift Cards

The gifts cards will buy me the following: I'm currently obsessed with Balenciaga.

1) Balenciaga Arena Giant Covered City Bag in Black $1795 for myself.

2) Balenciaga Arena Giant Covered Pompom Bag in Black $1895 for myself.

3) Balenciaga Short Neoclassic in Black $1895 for myself.

4) Balenciaga City Classic $1395 in different colors for my sisters and my best friend. (Click on bag for more colors)

5) Balenciaga Arena Compagnon Wallet in Black for all my blog followers $545

Notice the bags that I chose for myself are all black because that is my favorite color.
The wallet that I chose to give all my blog followers is also black to remember me by. Hahaha!
I wish this is real. I'm really giving away Balenciaga to all if I have the means.

Thanks Leah- I too wish you could buy me a wallet ;) Stay tuned for Day 15 tomorrow.



  1. I see my stocking bag... thanks Jaime. Now, hope my wish comes true.

    The bag is huge so I guess it'll fit hundreds of gift cards.

  2. Congratulations, Jaime! You're the winner of my holiday necklace giveaway! You should be recieving an email shortly on how to claim your prize.


  3. You are a true Bag Lady, Leah - and I mean that in the most affectionate of ways! Love the stocking you've chosen - and all of that Balenciaga? I. DIE!!! :)

  4. Wow, what a stocking!
    Great call on the Barneys Gift Card!


  5. I love your stocking!!!

    and WOW those bags!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. OMG! I LUV your stocking! Gift cards from Barney's now that's a stocking stuffer!:))

  7. Loooooove Leah's stocking choices! I seriously want all of those Balenciaga bags! Can Santa bring me those too?! :)

  8. AHH! Balenciaga. I love Leah and now I REALLY love her.

  9. I wish that I could have a Balenciaga bag too!


    PS What a fab blogsite!

  10. How funny! Tons of $1000 gift certificates?! I would like that too.

  11. O yes pleasssse...I've been very-very good this year!

  12. ahh, yes, wish i could own balenciaga!

  13. I'm obsessed with everything Balenciaga right now too! I actually broke down and bought a bag a few weeks ago... ee I'm so bad with money! But now that I have the bag, of course I want a matching wallet, and more bags... it's a horrible addiction!


  14. hahaha leah! great post! i love me some balenciaga, too! that's a great stocking reusable bag. too cute! loving ur series, jamie:D awesome idea!

  15. BAGS, BAGS, BAGS! So great!


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