Day 17, My Stocking: Savvy Gal @ Savvy Mode

Day 17 of My Stocking continues with quite the savvy blogger...

My Stocking
By: Savvy Gal @ Savvy Mode

1) Asprey crown daisy ring
2) Godiva mini pretzels
3) L'Occitane soap set
4) Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey home candle

For this holiday, instead of thinking about exotic material things, I am wishing for the small things that makes me happy, with an exception of the Asprey ring because flowers make me happy. A gal can dream, right! As for the rest, I want things I can share with my friends and family. The holiday is about grabbing a cup of jo together to catch up. It is about creating a great experience for my guests with the candle and the lovely soaps. Of course, as I adore chocolate covered pretzels, I definitely want to share that with my guests over a glass of good red wine. Wishing everyone the best holiday ever!!! xoxo Savvy Gal

Thanks SG- fabulous choices here! Tomorrow is Day 18.



  1. Yummmmmmm chocolate-covered pretzels by Godiva?
    Very savvy indeed!


  2. Hmmm a starbucks gift card!! Can't go wrong!

  3. Mmmm...Starbucks! You definitely can't beat yummy coffee for the holidays!! :)

  4. so cute! Chocolate covered pretzels are my weakness.

  5. Love the chocolate covered pretzels.

  6. That ring is to DIE FOR.

  7. I just got some Godiva pretzels. they are good. : )


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