Day 19, My Stocking: Sharon @ My Passport to Style

Day 19 of My Stocking...

My Stocking

1) I have chosen a ruby and gold wire wrap ring- if money were no object!
2) Adorable vintage jiving couple- so I can powder my nose and resist shine at all the Christmas parties. Recycling is very ethical and green, yay for vintage!
3) Ruby slippers charm- because Christmas would not be Christmas without Judy Garland, even though I have watched about 100 times!
4) This pretty floral soap- cheap and cheerful, to help scrub of all that inevitable Christmas glitter, both makeup and the crafting kind, though it is kinda nice when it mingles and sparkles in the bath water!
5) Lastly, couldn't manage without some pretty candles at Christmas. They are essential to bring serenity and warmth to the home and very flattering too!

Adore these pretty little things.

Thank you Sharon- love those ruby slippers! Tomorrow is Day 20!



  1. Oh, you've so chosen some of the most whimsical, enchanting things as gifts. Especially adoring those little tea cup candles - very Alice in Wonderland!! :)

  2. The ring is an eye candy!
    Happy Friday Jaime~

  3. I want that floral soap in my bathroom!!

  4. Yeah, love, love, love the ring!!!!


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