Day 2, My Stocking: Alana @ Good Girl Gone Blog

Day 2, and the first day of December!, of the guest posting series, My Stocking is from a fellow Boston blogger!

My Stocking

Wellie socks from Hunter- I actually really want to get a pair of these to go in my new Hunter rain boots. Practical and cute!

1) Pink Eiffel Tower Paris Tee - I've sort of caught the European bug and am in love with all things London and Paris right now. This top is cute and not too overdone, plus, it's from Etsy!

2) JS by Jessica Tiffany Suede Boot- I've been drooling over these boots for a while now, but they're totally out of my price range. Sigh...

3) KitchenAid Professional 610 Stand Mixer- A must have for my new "grown up" kitchen. My dad bought me a miniature KitchenAid clock that looks just like this. I can't wait to own the real thing!

4) Tiffany Keys Heart Key Charm (picture 4) I love the Tiffany Key ad campaign and this is probably my favorite out of the collection. It's classy and tasteful and would look adorable dressing up jeans and a t.

5) Abby- How cute is this puppy? I know, I know, my family just adopted a puppy, but she's so cute! I'm a huge believer in rescuing dogs rather than just buying them at the pet shop, and Abby is at the Maryland SPCA. I'd love to find her a great home!

Thanks to Alana- love that necklace! Tomorrow is Day 3 of My Stocking.



  1. WAIT A MINUTE!!! i thought the rules were you could only list items that fit in your stocking! aw man! i would've so put like 5 pairs of shoes. bummer...

  2. Yeah, I thought everything had to fit in your stocking? Oh well.

    This was still a lovely post! I really like those boots and the Eiffel Tower shirt is very cute!

  3. I adore my kitchenaid. It's sick my love for it. Ah ha. I LOVE the addition of the fur baby to your stocking!

  4. Wait, I thought the things should fit in the stockings? Oh I noticed Rachel and Bananas commented about that. If I'd known, I would have added a lot of huge bags inside my stockings. Hahaha!

  5. Great post, Alana! I absolutely love the items you chose. In fact, I imagine you would look stunning walking down the street with that Eiffel Tower top on paired with skinny jeans and those Suede Boots! :)

  6. I really love that t-shirt. I adore Paris. Cheers!

  7. what great finds!!! I love the Kitchen Aid and the Puppy!

  8. love the puppy! and the T-shirt as well...


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