Day 22, My Stocking: Jen @ Novelista Barista

Day 22 of My Stocking...

My Stocking

1) Tiffany Key- I too would like a Tiffany Key. I saw it and at first didn't like it, but now have become obsessed!! It doesn't need to be the really expensive one... it could even be a knock off!
2) Plane tickets to Ireland!!!!- This is my next trip... Making that my goal of 2010!

3) Etsy Polaroid photo line- These are so adorable. I want these for my room!

4) I Live for Awkward Moments tshirt- My life in a nutshell.

5) A Polaroid camera- I have a new obsession with Polaroids, and I would love to take my own!

Thanks Jen- this tshirt is classic! Tomorrow is Day 23.



  1. i love your blog and all these posts :)
    i have the tiffany key necklace and get so much use out of it -- i wear it with everything it's so great!

  2. Those plane tickets are such an awesome idea.

  3. I've been hearing so much about polaroids. That line of them is so cute!!

  4. Just great!

    Please don't forget to enter the brooches giveaways!


  5. The Tiffany keys are so pretty! And maybe I'm biased, but the tickets to Ireland are my favorite.

  6. Love The Tiffany Keys! so lovely ;)

  7. hmmm... i hope that Jennifer comes back & lets the readers know if her little BFF Santa's helper has checked off any of her wishes...
    ps: santa, if you're reading this... i'm supposed to be going to ireland with miss. barista, so make sure my name is on one of those!!!

    cute cute cute bloggie!

  8. FABULOUS!!!!!

  9. just totally fell for your blog :) love this series!

  10. I really love those Tiffany key necklaces as well. They are so sweet. I saw a knock off at Forever 21 already but since the line to check out was almost 30 minutes long I decided to purchase it another time.

    And for your trip to Ireland - Can I come with you Jen? ;)


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