Day 24, My Stocking: Amy @ Midtown Girl

Day 24 of My Stocking is from a NYC girl...

My Stocking
By: Amy @ Midtown Girl

1) iPod Nano- because I lost my old Nano in my apt - how does this happen?

2) Flowerbomb Gift Set by Victor & Rolf- because it is the bomb! Lol, no seriously, it is a divine scent!

3) Goody Colour Collection Mini Claw clips- because they make your hair look styled in less than a minute!

4) Lindt: A Touch of Sea Salt Bar- dark chocolate with Fleur de Sel (a premium French sea salt). Once you try this you will fall love - the combo of sweet & salty is pure perfection!

5) Strawberry Chapstick- hello, how can you live without this?!?!?

Happy Holidays Dahlings!! XOXO

Thank you Amy- that chocolate does sound delicious! Tomorrow is the final stocking... mine!



  1. Lindt Sea salt? I haven't tasted this yet...sounds yummy.

  2. now this lady has taste! flower bomb is my scent. i've been wearing it since it first hit the shelves and i'm still loving it! actually wearing it right now!

    so amy, i hope you get your flower bomb...along with everything else :)

  3. Nice!
    I don't know which is more delish, the chocolate or that ipod?!


  4. Loving the fact that you included Strawberry Chapstick. My mom used to put a pack of chapstick in my stocking each and every year when I was a kid. I can't live without it either!! :)

  5. Loving your blog...I have the pink nano and it's so tiny i lose it in my bag!!!

    Hope you have a great holiday!!!!


  6. haha I love the Nano comment.

  7. Thank you SOO much for having me as part of your stocking series, Jaime! What a wondderful way to share gift ideas - you are a holiday genius;-)

    And thank you lovely girls for the sweet comments:
    Leah: You must try the chocolate - stat!
    Bananas: thank u pretty girl, I ran out and def am missing the pretty scent ;-)
    Cafe Fashionista: If I leave my apt without my chapstick - I will either buy a new one imm., or go back & get it, LOL!

    Happy Holidays beautiful dahlings!

  8. oh! love Amy! :) great picks, and great feature!

  9. Mmmm I love Lindt so much. Favourite chocolate ever x Sushi


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