Day 4, My Stocking: Rachel @ Inspiration in Italy

Day 4 of My Stocking takes us to a blogger in Italy!

My Stocking

I am so honored to have been asked by the lovely Jaime to participate in this fun holiday series, I just adore La Vie...J’aime. I love stockings that are unique and have an interesting shape, so I chose this curly-toed beauty. It is definitely difficult to stick with items that fit inside a stocking, but here is my best try!

1) Puppy- When my husband and I sold our lives and moved to Italy to begin this life-changing adventure, we were forced to give away our dear and precious beagle dog Atti. Luckily she is in great hands now with a loving family, but we think of her often. Now, every time we see any dog, especially a beagle...we just melt. So the first item I would wish for if I could, is a little tiny beagle puppy in my stocking!

2) Italian Jewelry- There are so many gorgeous jewelry stores here in Rome with the most exquisite pieces. This one in particular really caught my eye, just breathtaking! My husband said he will buy something like this for me one day if we can ever afford it....9,000 euro for the necklace!!! So for now I will just dream of having it all in my stocking on Christmas morning!

3) Cornetti alla nutella- Ok I have a confession...I eat one of these magical Italian pastries every single day here in Rome! I am completely addicted, but who can blame a girl for wishing for just one more in my stocking for Christmas?

4) Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection- I have a bit of an addiction to these cute and cozy lounge outfits, so I will take anything in the Pink collection! I love the idea of being cozy yet stylish while lounging around the house with my husband....and he loves it too! ;)

5) Ralph Lauren dress- I am dreaming of wearing this amazing Ralph Lauren dress all throughout the streets of Rome, and that is why I have chosen this stunning garment as my final stocking wishlist item!

Grazie Rachel, and that puppy is precious! Day 5 continues tomorrow :)



  1. Not only do I love Rachel and her blog, I absolutely adore this post! Now I want a puppy in my stocking, as well. The thought alone reminds you of those animated Christmas specials where the kids would stumble down the stars with sleepy eyes and find an adorable puppy peeking out of their stocking. I hope your wishes come true, Rachel! :)

  2. rachel's list is gooooood! i want that puppy and those yummy looing nutella pastries.

  3. Thanks so much Jaimie, this was so fun!!!


  4. Great post by the gorgeous Rachel. My Stocking is a fabulous idea for a series!

  5. I want to eat that puppy. He is so scrumptious!!!

  6. I just added you to my blogroll, can't believe I hadn't yet!?

  7. I love Rachel's list especially the Nutella pastries. Hmmmmmm... I should have included some in my stockings too. No more wishing for a puppy for me, I just got mine a few months ago.

  8. Did I see the word nutella??? Heck yeah! And that fur precious!

  9. great picks & hope you get that dog!

  10. Fabulous list and the I hope Rachel gets a puppy!!

    Love and hugs,

  11. Oh I love this list and hope Rachel gets another adorable puppy! Ralph Lauren and PINK are my favorites too.

  12. I love this post, such a perfect list. That necklace really is stunning, not to mention the puppy...oh the puppy! What a fun idea for a holiday series. Very creative!! :)

  13. Oh I just adore each and every item the darling Rachel has listed. What a total sweetheart.

  14. oooo I want that orange bag in the picture!


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