Day 5, My Stocking: Kerry @ On the Fringe of Fashion

Day 5 of the My Stocking series...

My Stocking

1) Vintage 70s Lanvin Necklace- to update some basics with some sick 70s flair.

2) McQueen Glove Clutch- because it's unique and would update just about anything.

3) Clarins Instant Self Tanning Gel- because it's going to be a long, pale winter.

4) Democracy by Joan Didion- She is one of my favorite writers and I admire her greatly-I'm building a library and I'd love to add this to it.

5) iTunes Gift Card- to add some new songs to my iPod that make me want to go to the gym.

Thanks Kerry- that necklace is so chic, and I could use the self-tanner too. :) Tune in tomorrow for Day 6!



  1. These are all fabulous! love the stocking :)

  2. I die at that necklace - what a stunning request! And the McQueen Glove Clutch...j'adore! And iTunes...well, enough said! Can I have the contents of Kerry's stocking, as well as my own? I covet them all! :)

  3. Great items! I especially love the necklace. :)

  4. this was so fun-thanks Jamie! xo

  5. Love this list! very much agree with the self tanner!

  6. Okay, I'm thinking I need to not be so lazy and send you some more pictures for mine. I'll do it this weekend!


  7. Holy cow that necklace...LOVE! And that stocking is too freaking cute!

  8. Ah, Clarins- totally forgot about that, I love that stuff!


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