Day 8, My Stocking: Ela @ Extra Dressing on.the.Side

Day 8 of My Stocking is from my first bloggie friend!

My Stocking

Over the last few years, our family has began celebrating Christmas by focusing on charity and service. Which means, when it comes to doing a gift exchange, if we do one at all, we exchange things we've made for one another or bought for very little money. So...please excuse me as I indulge as it's been many years that I've gotten to write a Christmas list :)

1. A classic large Channel Tote like the Chanel Caviar GST

Or any of the large black ones Nicole Richie has in her collection.
Images from here and here.

2) A fabulous pair of Loubies, like these. I'm fairly certain if given these, I would never take them off.

3) A Cartier Tank Watch. It's stunning and pun intended.

4) That everyone will get into the Holiday Spirit and grant small miracles where they can. Participate in your local Christmas Food or Toy Drive.

5) Last but not least, what my heart desires most...a bundle of joy. He or she doesn't need to be dressed as a Buffalo (or whatever this is supposed to be), but each day S and I pray that we'll soon be blessed with a precious angel to call our very own.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!
And hoping your Christmas wishes come true.
xx Ela

Thanks Ela, and I hope for a bundle of joy for you and S too! Tomorrow is Day 9 :)



  1. Ela, I hope you get your bundle of joy soon. And I love that Chanel bag too.

  2. Ah Ela! I so love the stocking you chose! I truly hope all of your Christmas wishes come true...a bundle of joy would be the most wonderful present ever for you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your list comes to fruition. And ummm...that bag? Can we share it? J'adore Chanel! :)

  3. I'm definitely in search of the perfect quilted bag- I'd love chanel, but it's definitely not in my price range haha

  4. Awww! I love me some Ela! Wishing for nothing but a stocking full of Loubie's and babes for you :)

  5. I do really hope your biggest wish will come true ela! but told you that already :)


  6. Oh, what a wonderful list. That tote...sigh... and I too hope she receives a little angel soon!! xoxo

  7. This stocking is awesome, she has the right idea :)

  8. hello, chanel!!! that bag and that watch! love it.

  9. it's "not much...just a token, really, a trifle"...haha.

    i hope miss ela gets everything on that list because that's one lady that deserves it.

  10. A munchkin is the most beautiful wish of all!

  11. I have a secret love for Lauren Conrad, even though most of my friends tease me for it, as soon as she got that large black Chanel bag, I knew I had to have one too.

    It's just ever so hard to save up for one!

    Hope you receive one in your stocking! I'm just hoping for a new Macbook!

  12. LOVE the Chanel bag. I've wanted a quilted Chanel for some time. I would even go for a used one - I keep checking on ebay for a deal :)

  13. OMG! Such a FABULOUS Christmas List! You know the saying, if you wish hard enough it'll come true!:))

  14. Thanks for asking me to be a part of this, Jaime!
    And thank you for all the comments about me getting my wish, it means the world to me.

  15. I really hope the fifth one will soon come true. God bless Ela' family! :)
    Super love the Loubies!


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