Friday Faves

Yummy flags @ Lenorenevermore
See France, Australia, Italy and other flags made from countries' well known foods.

DIY: Discovering my perfect Miu Miu @ The Ensemble Project
She posted her DIY of Miu Miu booties- beyond impressed!

Pictures from the Crillon Ball @ Sea of Shoes
Chanel. Haute. Couture. sigh.

Palazzo Tornabuoni @ La Dolce Vita
I think my "cooking disability" would instantly disappear if this was my kitchen.

Inspiration to upcycle for the holidays @ Deliciously Organized
Fabulously thrifty and green idea for holiday wrapping.

Snow globe envy @ Pois Rouge
Aren't these just adorable? At Anthropologie.

I love these 2 chic decorations.

L-O-V-E Plates @ MadeByGirl
LOVE these- a great gift for my step-sister bride to be perhaps?

Cute as a button @ Oh Joy!
So cute and clever! Get it here.

Have a great weekend, and come back tomorrow for the start of my 100 followers celebration giveaway!



  1. Thanks for the mention, Jaime! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the DIY Miu Miu booties! They look so good!

    I adore Jane. She was so lucky to be dressed by Chanel for the Crillon Ball. And very lucky she got to see Coco Chanel's apartment!

  3. thanks for the mention jaime! you are too sweet! you picked some of my favorites from this week too...loved that modern holiday!

  4. i love the LOVE plates. i'm now asking for those for christmas :)

  5. lovely post. have a great weekend sweetie. xoxo

  6. I love those holiday wrapping idea... and the snow globe from Anthropologie is fabulous.

    Have a great weekend Jaime!

  7. aww thank you so muchhh sweet of you to feature me! :) happy weekend xo

  8. Such cool boots. Love the adorable love plates.

  9. Hi Jamie,

    What a great post and those booties are super fabulous! I love repurposing and you have given me many great ideas. LOVE the snow globes too!

    You have a beautiful blog my friend and I thank you for your visit and lovely comment!

    Have a great weekend!!

    Love and hugs,

  10. I am obsessed with those boots up top. Gorgeous!!

  11. thanks for ur sharing these! those are awesome diy miu miu boots! very impressive indeed:D cool edible flags, too! i was just on the sea of shoes blog and i agee...sigh...CHANEL!! lol:D her gown isn't really my taste, but it's gorgeous on her:) have a great weekend!

  12. HAH, those DIY Boots are seriously amazing! Mine so wouldn't look that way... and that kitchen- beautiful!

  13. Those LOVE plates are so cute. Love the way they look with the mono colored M&M's...hmm.


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