Hanukkah lesson: melted chocolate can catch on fire

Martha Stewart: 2 Jaime: 0

My friends hosted a Hanukkah dinner on Sunday. Everyone brought their favorite Jew food... pickles, latkes, matzah ball soup, brisket, kugel (personal favorite), and more. I was in charge of bringing Manischewitz, and I found an adorable chocolate covered dreidel recipe in Martha Stewart Living's December issue.

I couldn't find it online, but basically, the recipe calls for dipping Hershey kisses in melted chocolate and sticking to the ends of large marshmallows. Refrigerate to harden, stick thin pretzels for the handle, and then dip entire "dreidel" into melted chocolate to cover. After chocolate hardens, write the dreidel symbols with gel. Perfect for kids! it said. I thought, OK I can do this (despite the Boston Creme Pie cupcake debacle earlier this year, and if you recall, I failed to create this delish cupcake).

Now to the title of this post- I heated the melted chocolate too high, apparently, and set the chocolate on fire. Smoke billowing, burning chocolate (actually smelled like smores *yum*).... So, I had a mini break-down (because I really just cannot cook at all and I am PMSing, lol), opened windows so the smoke alarm wouldn't go off, and went to check out how to melt chocolate. I found this handy site, and went for round two.

This chocolate heated more successfully, but the actual coating of the "dreidels" wasn't as expected either. Great for kids, sure, but for Jaime, nope.

Well here they are- albeit they look like a 3 year old did them, but I finished!

More pics from our Hanukkah party to come.



  1. I am so glad you posted this...I had no clue that melted chocolate could catch on fire!! I lack kitchen skills, as well! Though the finished result is fabulous - I want some!! :)

  2. Jaime these are so cute! The letters came out well even if some of the chocolate burned, I say job well done :)

  3. Bottom line... the finished product was absolutely delicious, so it doesn't matter what you went through to get there. Heart YOU!

  4. Bet they still taste good! And I think they're adorable. : )

  5. that's the cutest. man I should have been a jew. sads.

  6. Well, in the end I'm sure they tasted delicious. They sure look yummy! :)

  7. Thanks for this tip Jaime. I normally melt chocolates but I haven't experienced them catching fire but there's always a first time.

  8. How fun! My aunt's husband made me Matzah ball soup once and I loved it! He got me all the stuff I needed to make it myself too but I never tried - too chicken. Must try again, it's delish!

    Oh no about the burning chocolate! Slow and steady as my mom says, lol.

  9. I hope you're not cooking anything for Christmas/my birthday.... It will not be accepted no matter how good the cornbread was... ;)

  10. hahah they look great!



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