Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and one last My Stocking

Merry Christmas to you all! This is a scheduled post and right now I am opening presents -wearing this fabulous pajama from Target- and enjoying time with my family and new gifts! Also, we are celebrating my brother's 22nd birthday- Happy Birthday, Kyle!
(the bro circa 1989)

As a treat, here is my mom's My Stocking... she just couldn't resist!

My Stocking
By: My mom, Laura

I love Christmas! This stocking reminds me of my favorite ice cream that I wait for every year! YEAH for peppermint stick with the little crunchy red and green mints!

My favorite stocking stuffers when I was younger were Lifesaver books and chocolate coins. Every year Santa always put have these goodies in my stocking!

This year Santa can fill my stocking with lots of shiny gold coins...

And lifesaver colored jewels...

But the BEST gift of all will be celebrating with the people I LOVE more than anything in the world!
(my mom and stepdad's wedding, December 2006)

It seems her idea of shiny and jewels has changed since she was young... :) Thanks mom!

Hope your day is joyful and merry!



  1. Happy belated birthday, Kyle! And ohmigosh that little Lifesavers Candy Book brings back such memories - I used to find one in my stocking every year!! :)



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