What I'm Wearing Wednesday

It was sooo cold this morning in Boston, and it's getting colder- going to be in the 20s tomorrow! Eekk... This morning I bundled up with my cashmere scarf, long gloves, hat, winter coat and this look:
  • Peace sign cashmere sweater- got this years ago at a Bloomingdale's sale
  • Hanes tank
  • JBrand skinny jeans
  • Uggs

I am also exhausted in this picture- didn't sleep well last night!
What are you wearing today?



  1. Hi Jaime! At last an outfit post again. That peace sweater made all the difference, it added character to this simple look.

    PS...I have a blog give-away. I hope you can check it out.

  2. ...a very similar outfit, at least in types of pieces, not colors. My floral Uggs, black skinny jeans, pink tank, purple cardi and gold skinny belt.

  3. You look warm and cozy! One of my best friends lives in Boston, he was telling me last night how freezing it is and I got scared. ha

  4. I love the Peace sign! I'm not Uber-Hippyish or anything of the sort but I love a good staple peace sign on something cute. Also, I have always wanted to be in Boston around Xmas Time- you talking of how cold it is is really making me jealous!


  5. yay for New England! Hey Jaime, I'm in NH so I feel ya:) I wore my uggs too today, I've been wearing them since last month..brrr

  6. Super cute outfit, love your cosy sewater :)
    Nice and christmassy!

  7. Lol I meant sweater :)
    and nice boots too btw

  8. Hanes tanks are the best!!! One of my staples ;-)

  9. I am all about promoting peace - very cute!

  10. i love ur peace sign cashmere sweater! don't u just love uggs on days with frigid temperatures?? such a life saver lol:D

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