Friday Faves: Week 2

This weeks round-up of my faves from my blogroll:

James Holdsworth art @ Alice in Wonderland
Holdsworth gives a not so G-rated spin on cartoon classics.

Elle Decor images @ Deliciously Organized
This room is so serene and lovely.

Sun room photo by Simon Watson @ Desire to Inspire
Because who wouldn't want one of these in their home?

How to wear grey denim @ La Couturier
La C. has given some fantastic options and color palettes for this pant trend.

Andrew English custom wedding bands @ Glam Chic
The most unique piece of jewelry for your most special day.

Happy weekend!


Must read!

Must pick this up for weekend "reading"!!
PS: where's Screech?


A little rant...

I hate being late. That is one thing that really irks me. Sure sometimes, it happens, you are running late, but I try to avoid it at all costs. I'd rather be 20 mins early than even 5 mins late.

My office moved to downtown Boston, and I now commute and take the bus. So yesterday, I got to the bus on time and for some reason, we sat in traffic on this one street for 20 mins! That in turn made me 20 mins late for work....later on, I left work right at 5 to rush to the bus to rush home and get in my car to drive to get my hair done. Sure enough, I get to the bus on time at 5:10 and there's something wrong w/ the bus! Me and a pack of people waiting to board, wait and wait for, 10 mins! Finally another bus comes, we scramble on and it takes off. We get on the highway and because the bus was delayed, we sit in traffic for 20 mins.

So, what's the final outcome? Yup, you guessed it, 20 mins late for my hair appt! Although hair stylist didn't care, I did- arg, I hate bring late!

Sorry for my quick Friday morning rant! Ever have one of these type of days that just feels off?


Style me: cowboy hat

Tomorrow night I am going to the Keith Urban and Taylor Swift concert! This type of music is much more my style (instead of AC/DC!). Since it is a country concert, I want to wear a cowboy hat. I got a fun, albeit ridiculous, white and silver one from my cousin's bat mitzvah this past spring (looks similar to the image above). I thought it'd be fun/funny to wear it to the concert.... Any thoughts on what to wear it with? I am thinking a black dress. Style me!


Leather lace love

Love love love these leather lace Ferragamo shoes Amy Adams wears!

Back in black

Some shots from my AC/DC experience Tuesday night...

Update: my roomie asked me why there were no pics of me and my bf...well I, like an idiot, wasn't thinking and didn't take any! :/


Cupcakes on wheels- an appropriate lunchtime post!

How amazing is this- a cupcake mobile! For a minimum of $2,000 you can have your very own SPRINKLESMOBILE at your next party. There are tons of cupcakes to choose from, and they all, as a huge cupcake lover, sound delish! My faves range from Banana, Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Chip.


Check out the website; what's your favorite cupcake?


Good morning sunshine

I love this outfit Diane Kruger put together. She is my major fashion crush these days- every outfit she chooses is amazing in my mind. I also covet her VIP relationship with Chanel, as she has worn Chanel Haute Couture to premieres and parties and in this case, a classic quilted bag. Here's my look for less.


Shook me all night long

Tonight I am going to see the AC/DC show in the Boston area. I know, reading my blog you are shocked to know I like AC/DC. Well aside from the everyone likes hearing Shook Me All Night Long every now and then, I don't really like AC/DC, haha! I am going w/ my boyfriend, who does. Aren't I the best girlfriend!?

At any rate, I will probably stick out like a sore thumb for a multiple of reasons including my lack of "rocker" demeanor and I am not a 50+ man in leather who grew up with AC/DC on their radio, but if nothing else, it's a story to tell and blog about!

My AC/DC outfit consists of a black dress, gladiators, gold long necklace, and black bag. If I could craft a cool outfit, here's an option...

Wish me luck!


Sweet bridesmaids gift

Isn't this such a nice bridesmaid gift idea? I have only been in one wedding- my dad and step-mom's when I was 15- and I received a Tiffany bracelet. I am a big believer in giving your bridesmaids a special gift and also treat them to mani/pedi for the wedding day considering they are paying for a dress, shoes, wedding gift, shower gift, etc. While I loved the Tiffany bracelet and my step-mom only had 3 of us in the wedding party, I love the idea of giving something thoughtful and personal, that may not cost much, but means a lot.

Metallic jackets

I am not a fan of Megan Fox, but we have been seeing a lot of her and her style on the Transformers press circuit. I love this recent look, featuring a Gucci metallic jacket. A chic statement with jeans, black pants, and heels, here are some other metallic jacket options for you...

Metallic leather shrunken jacket, Newport News
Leather version, good for fall, and on sale for $99 (reduced from $159).

Lauren Moffatt metallic lace blazer, LuvCharlie
I adore this- the back is so cute (check out the website for more views) and it's also on sale for $145 (reduced from $286).

'Kiefer' metallic linen jacket, Ralph Lauren
Gilded perfection, and I love it paired with white.

Metallic silver jacket, eDressMe
A go-to, staple piece.

Diane von Furstenberg 'Brady' metallic jacket, Saks
While not a blazer, I absolutely desire this jacket from DVF.
I will be stalking this piece to go on sale!

Metallic satin shrug, Forever21
At less than $25, this is a no brainer.

Tell me, would you wear a metallic jacket?


Diet Coke cupcakes

My eyebrow waxer suggested this easy and low-fat cupcake recipe. I went to a friend's housewarming party, so I decided to give it a try. They came out AMAZING! Apparently, they are easy, low-fat, and delicious! Here's the final product and the recipe, that has just 2 ingredients:

Ingredient one- 1 12 oz. can of Diet Coke
Ingredient two- 1 box devil's food cake mix

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and stir together DC and cake mix (don't add egg, oil, water, or anything as the box says). Then follow directions for baking time depending on if you are making cupcakes or a cake. Let cool COMPLETELY before frosting- the DC makes the cake very moist. Frost and enjoy!

FYI, I googled online and found this is a popular Weight Watchers recipe and WW people frost w/ low-fat Cool Whip. I just used regular vanilla frosting. Yum!


Hot child in the city

There is no place better on a hot Saturday night than a roof deck w/ city views, beers, and your friends.


Friday Faves: Inaugural

Every week I am so inspired by fellow bloggers and their unique finds- whether related to fashion, art, music, dance, home design, recipes, etc., etc...the list goes on, that I am going to start a new weekly post, Friday Faves. It will highlight my favorite posts of the week from blogs I read and follow. Here's my inaugural FF post. Happy weekend!

Board #410: Lavender and Cherry @ Snippet & Ink.
Inspiration for my future step sister-in-law's August bridal shower.

DIY citronella candles @ Design*Sponge.
A fun activity for a rainy day (which we seem to get a lot of in Boston...).

The best wedding entrance ever @ A Cup of Jo.
Because you'll be waiting your whole life for that one night.

Twentysevennames trench coat capes @ Coco + Kelley.
Chic, creative, and cute.


Man Ray

The Dada artist Man Ray will be having an exhibition at the Jewish Museum in NYC. In my art history studies, Dadaism never really interested me, but the images, paintings, and objects that came out of that era are still fascinating and inspiration for artists today.

Tears is one image that is most recognized as a Man Ray photo. The black of the eyelashes contrasted with the white of her eyes and the 3-D esque tears creates a powerful shot.

Inspired by this photo, here's a look that won't bring you, or your bank account, to tears.



It's crazy that pre-fall collections are already being advertised and shown on designer and store websites- it's not even August! In Boston, we have had legit two 80+ degree days...
please, it's not time for fall/winter yet!

On the other hand, how cute are these 2 new dresses from Ann Taylor? I love them for transition late summer to fall. Wear flats or sandals and a light cardy for a chilly office now and pair with a jacket or blazer and tights & boots for later.

Crinkle silk shift dress

Ponte tulip sleeve dress by Taylor


Private sale

Tory Burch is having a private sale...go quick!
These pieces I eyed below in the last 30 mins or so are nearly all gone!

Letitia jacket

Metallic 'Daniela' thong

Jada dress

Reversible logo belt


Gift, cadeau, regalo

In any language (England, French, Italian), a gift is a gift; it's something unique, well-thought, and given with love. I stumbled upon this blog that follows Oooh la la Cadeau- a website that has pre-made or custom gift boxes. I am totally smitten with these! While they are a little pricey, they are gorgeous, and if nothing else, the site is great for ideas and maybe a purchase in the future for a special occasion. Here are some gifts that I would give...

For my roommate, who loves dragonflies.

For my mom, who loves shells.

For my friend, who has a special way with words
and who needs a good pen when starting her first day of school.


Coral me happy

Jennifer Lopez stepped out in this cute and flirty coral Karta frock. While I think this outfit is a bit juvenile for her, I love the dress and this fun, summery coral color. I wasn't able to find the dress anywhere(!), perhaps it's last season or just not available online, but I did find a few other coral options. Looks great w/ metallics, as J.Lo shows- gold gladiators, earrings, and/or clutch. Coral yourself happy!

Sabine hot coral dress, Quiksilver
Chic for the beach or for a day of shopping.

AKA New York henley dress, Singer 22
**If you are a size large, head over to this website ASAP. The dress is just $59 (reduced from $348)!

Laundry by Shelli Segal strapless charmeuse dress, Nordstrom
Coral for a summer wedding or special occasion.

H81 dot textured dress, Forever 21
The dots are cute!


New England Home

I work at a New England-oriented publication, and we receive subscriptions to various New England-related magazines. One of my favorites is New England Home. It's great for ideas and highlights everything from gorgeous Boston condos to Cape and North Shore vacation homes. The cover for the July/August 2009 issue is beautiful- what a lovely sun room and garden.

I also found this shop in Boston at the NE Home site that I am dying to go to: Michelle Willey. She has some unique home and lifestyle pieces that would be perfect for gifts- to your family, friend, significant other....or to yourself! Here are some pieces that I enjoy:

Adds a whimsical touch to your meal.

Never mistake your or your guests' glasses at a party again.

Porcelain place settings to reuse and reuse.

all pieces @ Michelle Willey