The people's princess

I think my mom still has this famed last magazine cover presence of Princess Diana. The pictures are still reminisced today.

Today is the 10 year anniversary of Princess Diana's death. These shots really show her exuberance for life.

All photos except cover from Vanity Fair.


Everything's coming up roses

I really like the color of these two dresses worn by Tyra Banks and Rumor Willis. The soft mauve/rose shade is so pretty and girly. I like how they each paired the color as well- Tyra with nude accessories, Rumor with black. It defines the look differently and matches their personalities. Inspired by this rosey shade, here are some pieces for you to channel this hue.

What do you think of this color?


Newport tour

Working in the arts in Boston, we attended the Newport Arts Festival this past weekend. I hadn't been to Newport since I was young, so I was looking forward to the trip. In a few words, I just loved it there. Despite the iffy weather- the day started out cold and rainy then turned to sticky, hazy, and humid- I enjoyed walking around Thames St. and Bowen's Wharf and taking the sites, sounds, and tastes!

pretty flowers along the street

view from Thames St looking at Bowen's Wharf

afternoon stroll up to the church

an artist at work in a lovely gallery

down at the Bowen's Wharf dock

yummy "destination"


Ladies who lunch

My 4 girlfriends and I joined the ladies who lunch on Saturday for cupcakes and tea at the Ritz in Boston. I saw it featured in a Daily Candy email in June and we made a reservation for this past Saturday. Needless to say, it was all lovely; the atmosphere, the fabulous service, the pristine table setting, the delish tea, and the YUMMY cupcakes. Of the 5 minis we enjoyed, my favorites were the Boston creme pie, lemon meringue, and tiramusu.



The cupcake tea special is a spring/summer special. Can't wait til next year!


Style you Sunday: D

My friend D is gracious enough to be the second Style you Sunday. She wants to purchase the "it" jacket this fall- a boyfriend blazer. She is also in need of some versatile, comfortable, and appropriate (biz casual) work clothes. I came up with 4 looks for D starting with the bf blazer. Then I used 2 bags and 2 pairs of shoes that mix and match with the 2 outfits:

-Boots with both left looks
-Sling backs with both right looks
-Black tote with both top looks
-Red bag with both bottom looks

The outfits round out her criteria and some other hot trends this fall: red, tights, bib necklace, to name a few. Mix and match D!

Now, after telling D midweek that I had slaved over her looks for Style you Sunday (not really, it's a welcome break from work, hehe), she informed me that she recently splurged and purchased this top from Anthropologie. She wanted some tips on what to wear it with and also now wants some skinny black pants for work. So to work on her second Style you Sunday I went.... I created 2 looks based on the Anthro top and found a great pair of skinny pants from JCrew. I liked the khaki and black versions. Both will go with the off white tote. :)

Don't forget to submit for this upcoming Style you Sunday!


Friday Faves

Solely Expressive @ Shoes from Around the Globe.
Fabulous pairing and these shoes are perfection.

One Man's trash @ Material Girls Blog
So creative- eco chic, found art!

Indoor picnic @ KatieDid
How lovely is this for an excuse for a get together with friends?

Shoe wheel @ FFFFOUND!
Um, yes please. Buy here.

#30 post @ etc.
Who wouldn't want these stairs in their home?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I will be in RI for an art festival. Pics will be posted.
Also don't forget to check out Style you Sunday on Sunday,
and send in something for next week :)


Why don't you...

dress up for date night with your girlfriends.

enjoy the last days of summer sunshine.

have a fruity cocktail...or two.

not worry about counting calories.

wear red lipstick and smile.

What are some of your why don't yous?

Seen and inspired by here....guest post by captivate me.



Not surprisingly, Ted Kennedy's portrait by Andy Warhol is now on view at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. I like this one because it invokes his sense of self and love of America in subtle ways (particularly use of blue and red to highlight his face).

Got me thinking about other Warhols I particularly enjoy like these:


Slow morning

Slow morning. The Red Sox game last night was fun (even though we lost), but I am sleepy! Luckily, I received my Chickdowntown Bostonista giveaway jean leggings last night. They are so comfy, and I am so happy!!! :)

PS: trying to get my blog verifed on BlogLovin...not sure why it's not working? But follow me!


Elizabeth and James

I love MK and A Olsen's line Elizabeth and James. The flirty clothes reflect their infamous style. Having recently expanded with a jewelry line with Robert Lee Morris, this fall their shoe line, in conjunction with Steve Madden, debuts. I am in love. Sadly, my wallet cannot accommodate these prices, but I will oogle over them until they go on sale.

Love this look from the other day @ Much Music.
Add Image
I think MK is wearing this E&J blazer belted as a dress.

If you love MK and A's fashions, definitely check out Olsens Anonymous blog.


Spectacle chic

How cute and whimsical is this necklace from the
always amazing Anthropologie?


FEED your fashion and children in need

Jennifer Aniston was spotted looking effortlessly chic (as usual) in NYC. She is wearing a Calypso dress and carrying what I believe to be this FEED bag. I think it's this bag because I have seen it in a few mags recently- I recognized the burlap canvas, sequins on the side, and 2 strap handle (hmm just made myself sound a bit crazy, no?).

This FEED bag is new to the FEED line and only available in Bergdorf Goodman stores (not online). For $195, you not only enrich your handbag collection, but you enrich and feed two Kenyan children for one year. You FEED you, you feed them; everybody wins!

PS: I am up to 17 followers- yay! Thank you so much. Let's try to get to 20. Whoever is the 20th follower, I will do a special post featuring your blog! :)


Uggs, fUggs, and I am a winner!

Uggs and fUggs (faux-Uggs) came onto the scene when I was in college. Being at Syracuse University, Uggs weren't just fashionable, they were a necessity. Let's just say if you haven't been to the Cuse in winter, don't go. It snows everyday for MONTHS. Though I complained and complained, it's really a bonding experience for all the Cuse alums, and this snow day (a first in like 20 years) from the Valentine's Day blizzard of 2007, will forever live in infamy...oh and The Quad looks really pretty in the snow- when you can bear to walk through said blizzard(s).

Starting in my Cuse days, I have owned about 5 pairs of Uggs (boots and slippers) and one pair of fUggs (not my proudest moment, but as a post-college grad with no job, I couldn't afford the real deal :/ ). With fall approaching and my fUgg time behind me, I am in the market for new Uggs. Yes, yes, people say they are out and so ugly, but once you put your foot in and the sheepskin envelopes you and warms your soul, you are hooked-
try it all you haters, I swear!

I am looking to purchase these classics
Ugg 'Classic Tall' boot, Nordstrom

and this pair of cute flats that caught my eye.
Ugg 'Rime' skimmer, Nordstrom

I noticed in my finds that the Ugg line has expanded tremendously. There are new color patterns, new fabrics, sandals, slippers, etc. From rain boots

Ugg tall cuffed rainboot, Saks

to suede/leather boots
Ugg 'Highkoo' boot, Nordstrom

to knit boots.
Ugg 'Classic Argyle sweater knit' boot, Nordstrom

What do you think of Uggs?
Do you own a pair(s) or are you anti-Uggs?

*Update: Vogue's ALT wears Uggs!

PS: I am a giveaway winner from Couture Carrie (a beyond fabulous blog I check out every day!). I am so thrilled. I won a lovely set of fashion note cards from Fifi Flowers.
Thanks you two!


Kennedy Legacy

When Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away earlier this month, Ted Kennedy did not attend her funeral, fueling speculation that he may join her and his brothers and sisters soon. That moment came today. Once again in Massachusetts and on the Cape, reporters are everywhere, and memorial videos, photos, and other tributes are all over the TV and Web.

As I mentioned in this post, the Kennedys fascinate me, as I am sure they do most Americans.

Fittingly, Ted Kennedy was on the cover of Newsweek in July.
This feature article is worth a read.


Bargain sites galore

By now you should've signed up, as these sample, limited-time-only sites are all the rage in online shopping. But, just in case you haven't, click these links to get a skip-the-wait-list invite courtesy of La vie...J'aime :)

My top 4:
RueLaLa- my favorite and the most affordable. I've ordered the most from this site (Free People dress and J Brand jeans to name a couple).
HauteLook- great brands and usually the greatest selection of items to choose from in each designer's sale. *New sorting abilities are now available by price, size, and category (quite helpful!). Can be pricier than RueLaLa.
Gilt- my second favorite, but usually out of my price range. It's a splurge or sigh-worthy site for me. *Use this invite for Gilt Fuse too- the new, lower priced sister of Gilt.
Ideeli- I am new to this one, and so far, I like what I see! Seems to be the middle ground of the four mentioned above (price wise).

Up and comers:
Editors' Closet- It's new, and I think it will be like Gilt but with lesser known and up and coming designers. If you'd like an invite and don't wait to wait on the wait list, let me know and I can send you one.
Designer Social- also new. So far, it's more of an exchange of pieces (new and vintage)- see more of my thoughts here. If you are interested, sign up and write as your referral.

So there's the round up... did I leave any out? If so, let me know, because I need to sign up!


Lovely lockets

Lockets are timeless. Locket bib necklaces? Perhaps not so much. Featured in the NYT's The Cut blog , they marvel over this Banana Republic piece, calling it a favorite of BR's fall jewelry collection.

While I think it's fantastic to use a classic piece of jewelry in modern way, I am not really a fan of this one. I love the bib necklace trend, but I think I would like it better if the gems were different shapes and colors.

I have a simple gold locket from when I was younger, and I prefer lockets like these.

What do you think of BR's bib locket necklace? Do you like or prefer the more simpler ones like me?