7 things

Meaghan from Reaching for the Moon tagged me to tell 7 things about myself. Thanks and here we go...!
  1. I just booked a trip to DC, and I am excited to visit friends, wave hi to Obama at the White House, and see this show.
  2. I've seen Titanic, The Notebook, You've Got Mail, and Sleepless in Seattle all 2x in the last week (and had seen them all a million times before!).
  3. I hate making my bed.
  4. I had a cat when I was younger and his name was Rebecca- I was 3 and had already picked out the name before the cat... I guess I didn't understand gender quite yet... !
  5. I believe in fate.
  6. I always leave my dry cleaning at the dry cleaners for the 30 day max....speaking of, need to go pick up stuff.
  7. I am still sick!!!!! :( But feeling more alive to blog :)
I now tag any of my readers to share something about themselves in the comments!



  1. Oh no, I hope you start to feel better soon!!

  2. You've Got Mail is a great movie!

    I'm a NYC-based writer for the National Geographic Channel, just stumbled upon your blog and stopped by to say hello. Feel better soon.


  3. I love those movies. What do you feel about the Movie Holiday? With Cameron D?


  4. I totally believe in fate too, darling!

    Feel better :)


  5. haha I loved the whole Rebecca is a male fish thing haha so cute!

  6. -I too beleive in fate woman!
    -I purchased a dog bed {on sale} before I even had a dog...months before.

    You are VERY WELCOME for the print! I hope you start feeling better and SOON!

  7. Great facts! I too have watched You've Got Mail twice in a week, I blame E for putting it repetitively on but I guess I should blame myself for not being able to resist it.


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