Elementary, my dear Watson

Emma Watson is once again the face for Burberry's ad campagins. Lucky Ms. Watson gets to wear all those fabulously draped dresses and trenches we swooned over this past fall (if you forget, click here for the runway show).

These three are my faves, but you can see a slide show with more images at NY Mag's The Cut blog.



  1. I still can't believe that's the same girl as in the first Harry Potter movie.
    she looks fabulous! and who wouldn't in a burberry coat.

  2. I love it-she looks so lovely in all of these images xo

  3. she looks gorgeous in these ads! gotta love burberry!

  4. Emma is so grownup! She looks great!

  5. Emma Watson looks absolutely gorgeous in the Burberry campaigns! It's amazing the transformation she's gone through since the first Harry Potter came out. It's like watching someone grow up!

  6. even thought she's not my favorite I think she looks gorgeous in these!


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