Gilted Vogue

I love Gilt. It's one of the best blink-and-you-miss it, limited time sale sites out there right now. The always have fabulous designers at pretty good prices- sometimes a bit too high for my paltry salary, but they did launch Gilt Fuse late last year to fit the lower budgeted clientele (thank you!).

I got an email Monday night about a new collaboration- shopping the current Vogue issue online at Gilt. So I went on, and sure enough with a click of my mouse, I can purchase this adorable safari style Chloe top that I saw on "Steal of the Month" page of Vogue's January issue.

It should be noted: the prices are full price, not sale prices as Gilt normally offers.

I think this is a brilliant collaboration! What do you think of the Gilted Vogue?



  1. I don't even open my emails from Gilt because I know it'll be too much temptation to break the bank :)

    But I LOVE the new's pretty genius.


  2. Nice!
    Love that print... the dress version is on!


  3. ooh I need to check out the Vogue one. I LOVE Gilt and have spent (of course) too much there. But the deals aren't gone as fast as they are at RueLala, which I like (for Gilt).

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog- glad you found me and look forward to seeing your future posts! Link away!! :-)

  4. I'm on the Gilt email list but I've never heard of Gilt Fuse, may have to try it out!

  5. Oh how cool! I am TOTALLY checking this out!

  6. The new collaboration is A-MA-ZING!! As is that top - oh, how I want it!! :)

  7. I think the collaboration is an interesting idea, but do wish they offered discounted items.

  8. I agree Gilt is awesome, but everything sells out quickly! The Vogue thing was a pretty cool idea.

  9. I always miss out on Guilt sales - they are too quick for me, lol!

    And this collab looks fabulous - love that print!

    Happy New Year darling!


  10. I will check it out ~~ not familiar with it :)

    Happy Day to you ~~


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