I've got the Mondays... on a Thursday

I am feeling uber uninspired. I don't know if it's because work is slow this week, and I took Tuesday off for some interviews (went well), but I am just like eh. I also keep thinking it's Monday, hence this post's title.
And January is kinda an eh month, in general.

I was reading Body + Soul magazine at lunch yesterday (we get it here at the office for some reason), and there was an article about being stuck in a job you don't like during tough economical times- i.e. me and i.e. now/the past 18 months. It said to work on your resume, explore creativities (is this a word? haha), be an entrepreneur... I am def doing that with La vie...J'aime, which I love, and this blog is a great outlet for me.

The article starts out with this quote from Confucius, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Thanks C- if only it were so easy!

The author interviews someone who is stuck in a job, and she said something that completely rang true for me, "I can't even say I am good at what I do anymore because I am so lackluster and blah." I couldn't help but think- this is me. I don't want it to be me! I am ambitious and a perfectionist and want to do my job well! Why is it that I'm stuck in this professional rut?

I know I've complained about my job before (and often, sorry). To perk myself up a bit, I am thinking of the coming weekend (Monday off and my friend from Syracuse is visiting) and making a donation to the earthquake relief in Haiti. This disaster really puts things in perspective, despite how much I think my life "sucks" at times.

Ok that's my rant today. Donate, donate, donate.

More inspiring posts at La vie...J'aime will come your way soon.
Til then, bear with me, please :)



  1. I've had the Mondays for the past week. I agree with you that January is a blah month. The fun of the holidays is over and spring is a long, long way off.
    But like you said, it's hard to complain about much while thinking of what the people in Haiti are going through. They had so little before and now...

  2. I hate when this happens! I'm feeling the same way! Thank goodness it's almost Friday- we can make it girlie! XOXO

  3. Confucius is right Jaime. I graduated with a business degree (plus MBA) but I didn't pursue it. I went into photography and yes, it's not work at all. Choose a field that you love and you will not work at all.

  4. Love that quote!

    Hope you feel inspired asap, darling!


  5. I have been there!!!!!! Actually I felt that way right before we left for Italy and coming here to pursue a different life was not and IS not easy. However we are pursuing our dreams in hopes that we can choose the kind of work that we love, and either way the experience itself is enough to never regret. I do hope you feel inspired soon, and I don't know if it helps at all but I completely understand how you are feeling.


  6. I hate the Mondays, on any day.

    Can't wait for the weekend!


  7. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling completely uninspired, darling! A case of the blahs is the absolute worst. I say take a day for yourself - do something fun and relaxing that will put you in the mood to get out there and do something more!! :)

  8. Oh my goodness Jaime we couldn't be feeling more the SAME today!!! {read my ooober similar post today} How crazy, your post totally hits home for me today as well. Good Luck with those interviews you had! That's better than me. I had a great lead for an asst. designer position, sent my resume last Thursday, called Friday to follow up and still nada. :(

    I was feeling the same way about complaining about myself and to think of the tragedy in Haiti...donate YES YES I was planning on it! As well as try to get others to do as well.

    So Cheers to us and hopefully that quote will serve us right and a good j-o-b will come both our ways! Pppppleeeease! :)

  9. Isn't it terrible how certain jobs can literally crush your soul? I feel like that with mine too. If you don't already go here, go to theonion.com. It's a very funny, very well-regarded fictional newspaper that always makes me laugh and feel ready to tackle the Word document and/or canvas. I hope you get the job you dream of soon, I know good things will come your way!


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