Few things: Valentine's Day comes early, guest post, & weekend wrap up

Ok this is going to be a random post, so bear with me, but here it goes....

The ladies of Valentine's Day the movie hit the red carpet, and I am loving these looks. Sparkles, colors, and textures- gorgeous!
In Proenza Schouler

In Valentino

Supporting her hubby in Chanel

In Marchesa

All photos via InStyle

Yesterday, I had a guest post at the lovely Little Bits & Blogs highlighting 10 little things that make my life sweet. Check it out here. Thanks to Sari for including me!

I am back from Florida. It was a great weekend with warm weather, shopping, good food, and fun. I came home late last night, and it's back to work and reality today. Lots of work drama went down yesterday that culminated with me and my co-worker crying in a meeting this morning. Joy. Thank goodness for Flour bakery treat later and Lost tonight!!!!

Going to load my pics from the weekend and post later tonight!

How was everyone's weekend?? How much did you looove the Google commercial during the Super Bowl!?



  1. Great to know that you had fun in Florida. Can't wait to see the pics. xoxo

  2. LOVE the Chanel dress...I did not see the google ad...
    Looking forward to seeing pics!

  3. i really like demi's dress. i am kinda looking forward to the movie, too!

  4. I love Anne Hathaway. Her red carpet picks never fail to impress me. :P

  5. Oh God, I can totally relate to the work problems!!!!! I've been having a tough time myself these last few weeks....only I'm stuck because I work with all boys so I can't cry, and they're not properly bothering to try and sort the problem, so they're just letting the guy who's making me miserable continue to do it!!!!

    On the bright side, Anne Hathaway is amazing!

  6. these ladies look gorgeus in their gowns dresses! im looking forward to this movie. i'm sorry to hear about ur work drama:( hope things are resolved:)



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