Friday Faves

Malibu wedding @ Style Me Pretty
How amazing is this shell cake/cake stand? Mom, this immediately made me think of you :)

DIY: Valentine's Day candy bar @ Brunch at Saks
These DIY are so easy and special for your valentine(s).

Emily Hensen @ Design*Sponge
I just adore this whimsical kid's room.

New York Fashion Week Preview Fall/Winter 2010 @ I Heart Heels
These 2 drawings from Milly (top) and Rebecca Taylor (bottom) get me excited for NYFW next week.

Hello, Yellow! @ Couture Carrie
CC devotes an entire post to my fave color; how could I not include this?

Inspiration Daily 2.2.10 @ Creature Comforts
Such a perfect pairing.

Costume of the day, talisman @ The Glamourai
I love how she styles this men's silk top.

Non-traditional wedding rings @ FerOHHHsh
How quirky and unique!



  1. Those outlet/plug rings are hysterical.

  2. OMG!! that cake stand is pretty awesome! I never would have thought of that in a million years!! ...and those rings are totally funny..but really cute in an interesting way! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

  3. your friday faves are always so awesome. have a fun weekend jaime!

  4. That cake stand is amazing. And those rings, so fun! Love the whole post!
    Happy weekend, hon!

  5. LOVE THOSE valentine's DAY bars! :)

    and those rings are quirky!

    have a great weekend!

  6. Soooo inspired by this post! The DIY valentine chocolate giveaway wrapping!

    AND the non-traditional wedding rings ... how genius!

  7. How about those yellow Loubs in Carrie's post? Yum!

  8. Those fashion drawings are simply fabulous! I love everything you share!

    Hope you having a lovely weekend dear Jaime, cheers: Evi

  9. Love this post. :)

    I wish my bedroom looked that fab when I was a little kid! So awesome.

    And while I think those wedding rings are a clever idea, um, I'm pretty sure I would SMACK my future-husband if bought those for us. LOL!

  10. Ahhh the ring is crazzzy fabulouss!

  11. Lovely photos!! That cake stand is amazing, as are those candy bars. I love the picture of the fox too, I adore foxes!

  12. The Glamourai's post has literally left my DYING for a men's silk top; nad I'm loving those kitschy wedding rings. How adorable!

    Hope you're having a blast in Florida my love!! :)

  13. I love those plug and socket rings, I think they are soooo cute! And gotta love CC's posts!


  14. so many pretty images in one post!
    that Malibu wedding cake is pretty fantastic, but then again everything on Style Me Pretty is!
    xoxo alison

  15. Loving the Glamorai's take on the men's top... simply fabulous!

  16. hey grrrrl:

    a) wedding rings = uh-mazing, but possibly very painful if you get snagged w/ the plug

    b) i wish, so much, that i could afford to go to fashion week again this year (JenBunny from Novelista Barista & i went in the fall last year to both Bryant Park & the couture shows at the Waldorf & they were uh-maaaaazing). but i don't think we can aford to go this yaer. damn.

    c) the bird house tree kids room is GORG! i WAAAAAANT it in my room!

    sorry i haven't been here lately.

    luvs u!!!!!

  17. I love the wrapped chocolate! Such a good idea!

  18. Ha - outlet plug rings!!! Not my style, but I would love to see a couple sporting them!

  19. love that cute valentine! thanks for sharing!

    hope your vaca was a blast!

  20. Love the cute candy bar idea for valentine's day :)
    and those quirky wedding rings!


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