My packing list

I saw this picture on Refinery 29 today, and while I wish I looked this chic in winter, I cannot wait for my weekend Florida getaway! I leave tomorrow, and right now this is the weekend forecast in West Palm beach:

On my packing list? I am going to try to not over pack- I have a tendency to do that, and this is only a 3 1/2 day trip...
  • cute, new shorts from JCrew- they aren't online yet for me to show you
  • tshirt/tanks for day & jean jacket and a light cardigan for cooler nights
  • 2 bathing suits
  • a comfy dress
  • 3-4 pairs of sandals- I can't wait for the feeling of not wearing boots!
  • self-tanner & sunscreen- I am one of those fair skinned, burn then tan...
  • color protecting hair spray and curling mousse- yay for air drying!
In my carry on?
I'm taking a blog break too but will schedule Friday Faves tomorrow and a Style you Sunday for Sunday. Happy weekend everyone & see you Tuesday!



  1. Have fun in the beach... enjoy your break!!! xoxo

  2. have fun in the sun jaime! you're going to look and feel so good!!!

  3. Wow have sooo much fun! I am way jealous :)

  4. have fun!! I wish I was going to the sun!!

  5. Have fun in Florida with your JCrew shorts. :P You lucky, lucky girl!

  6. Hey girl! I am also going to the beach. I am flying today to the Canary island, Spain. I packed my bag already. I can´t wait.

    B* a la Moda

  7. That weather looks positively perfect. Have fun!

  8. Oh I am so jealous! That would be the perfect weather for me! Instead, my weekend forecast is going to be anywhere from 8-24 inches of snow. What fun that will be... Lol.

    Hope you have a fantastic trip!

  9. First, I love that picture - I NEED that girls hair!

    Second, have the time of your life my love!! :)

  10. OK, I'm so jealous! It's going to be in the '30s here!! :(

  11. Enjoy Florida!!
    I'll be in Miami Feb 19 for a week and cannot wait. I'm jealous of you! :)

  12. I'm so jealous! Have a blast!!

  13. So exciting, darling! Enjoy!


  14. Enjoy your trip and make sure to take lots of pictures! :)


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