Nothing's Irreversible

I promised this won't become a total Lost blog, but after the premiere last night, and reading this post at Love Maegan, I just couldn't resist....

The blogger behind Taoist Philosophy entered's special Lost final season sweepstakes,and he won 1 of 815 special bottles. When he and opened the bottle, there was a USB key that had an advance preview of special scenes from the premiere and this note:

How cool, right? After seeing the premiere last night (thoughts anyone? It was good but for some reason I'm not completely blown away...Maybe my expectations were too high? That being said I am sure this season will be amazing), wouldn't it be awesome to have this!?



  1. I think it's easy to build our expectations because we have the media drumming so much hype prior to the occasion...I'm not a LOST fan...but can see where you're coming from...Have a wonderful day Jaime.

  2. I really don't watch Lost...SO I'm not totally in the 'know' of this lol ;) but I think it looks pretty awesome! :)

  3. Eek! I can't wait. See last night a bunch of stuff came up so we missed it boo. But we're watching it tonight. I am staying away from any lost sites. Don't need spoilers :)

  4. Wow that competition sounds awesome.
    I really need to watch lost.

  5. Confused as always! It wasn't as good as I had hoped but I am sure it can only improve from here :)

  6. That's a fabulous idea for a give-away. :-)

  7. I loved when Jack said, "nothing is irreversable".

    That being said I was terribly confused last night. I'm a casual Lost watcher, and I'm sure that was the problem. I think I need to go watch a few more episodes from last season before next week.

  8. That is really cool. I only watched one season, but imagine this being really neat.

  9. I thought it was amazing. I can't wait to see what they do with these parallel universes...
    and, yes...this would be very cool to have:)


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